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By Imani Williams

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we honor the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the contribution he made by mandating a Civil Rights Movement, I implore you to use all your visual capabilities including, your third eye.
It’s time to look deep inside people. While we’re busying ourselves with day-to-day activities many are working just as hard to dismantle the work done in the name of equality during the last quarter of the 20th century.
As people of color continue to lose leverage through layoffs, cutbacks and setbacks that disproportionately affect those who can least afford it, the time is upon us to take notice.
This isn’t just about petty gripes and finger pointing. It’s about looking at an end to Affirmation Action which when applied properly seeks to level a lopsided, uneven, ain’t never been close to righteous playing field.
While the music plays and the dee jay sprays the crowd with phat beats, and we move in sync at happy hour glad for the Hypnotic Tonic that keeps reality at bay just long enough for you to think it’s all good, please remember that it ain’t.
Civil Rights was, is and remains to be about Human Rights and loving your neighbor like you love your brother, and showing respect for one another.
If you don’t wake up, pay attention, and move to action, be prepared for the reaction of the status quo. Without a call to action and your complete participation, you’re looking at annihilation.
Your name will be on the list of the permanent underclass, foulest jobs, lowest status, no chance of hope for the masses. Disenfranchised, a whole lot more, you can’t even imagine what they have in store.
They say you don’t vote, and therefore you don’t matter and yet we continue to make their pockets fatter.
Hitting the mall every week, credit/debit/bridge card in hand trying to seek self worth and positive imagery from Al Wassim instead of from your true Legacy.
While the Auto Show and Super Bowl roll through your town, heads up on the money that will be spent to throw down. Parties here, parties there as if we have nary a care. Yet the bills keep coming, while the man comes around taking away your rights as you try to be down.
Wake up, and pay attention it’s a ‘Final Call’; we need to get some unity y’all. Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White, the writing’s on the wall, the masses need to unite.
It’s a class thang going down in 2006; trust you have yet to see the best of Bush’s tricks. Kanye and Public Enemy both said it and I’m glad they did. We got to ‘fight the power’ or become slaves again instead.
What will you do to honor the struggle?

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