Teachers strike back at Christian club

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman

HOWELL – Angered by the start of a Christian club at their school, a few Howell High School teachers took an action that has some conservatives fuming.
On May 2, the Detroit News reported that a Howell High School teacher placed a bumper sticker reading, “Hatred is not a Family Value” next to the Christian flag used by the student club, which calls itself the “Traditional Values Club.”
According to the report, “similar bumper stickers were found posted on classroom doors.”
The Detroit News reported that, in April, about 40 teachers protested when the club was allowed to form.
A spokeswoman for a conservative community group, “Livingston Organization for Values in Education,” was quoted as calling for the teacher to be suspended and required to take a religious sensitivity class. According to the report, the same organization protested the posting of a rainbow flag by the school’s Diversity Club in 2004. The Howell district allowed the flag to remain.

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