Motor City Pride set for lift-off

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FERNDALE – Something about this year’s Pride events says “gay.” Perhaps it’s the dance beats queer-club queen Crystal Waters will bring, or the film “Say Uncle,” a “not-quite-black” comedy starring Peter Paige of “Queer As Folk”
It’s definitely that uber-gay tea dance at the Whitney.
In just three weeks, gays far and wide “take to the streets to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of our collective efforts toward true equality, amid the spectacular and boisterous sights and sounds of the largest LGBT event in the state,” said Jeffery Montgomery, executive director of Triangle Foundation.
From stage shows, to live music, film, and, yes, that tea, Motor City Pride is set for lift-off. To put it in perspective: there’s gonna be a whole lotta gay folk around.
“Motor City Pride is a great party, but it’s a party with a purpose,” Montgomery said. “We broadcast the stories of our lives and we insure that our efforts to create change move forward.”
Renowned divine diva Crystal Waters hits the stage during the open street festival on Sunday, June 4. Waters is a rebel. When dance music was considered a cheap, disposable style, except among queers, she carved out beats with social commentary. Her 1990 debut, “Surprise,” fostered the classic single, “Gypsy Woman” and her follow-up contained the ubiquitous “100% Pure Love.”
The explosive new album, featuring “Momma Told Me,” brings the same ol’ goods with Waters lending the lyrics and melodies and her two daughters laying down background vocals.
“If I’ve got a sound, ‘Momma Told Me’ probably comes closest to it,” Crystal said in a press release. “That combination of a story on top of a serious club beat. I like that sort of push and pull between the lyrics and the music.”
Before Waters turns Ferndale into a dance club, an exclusive premiere of the film “Say Uncle,” starring Peter Paige of “Queer As Folk,” shows at 7:30 p.m. June 3 at the Main Art Theatre.
Paige plays Portland-based gay artist Paul Johnson, who returns from his telemarketing job one day to some bad news – his closest friends, the Fabers, are packing their bags and heading to Japan. They’re also taking Paul’s two year-old godson Morgan with them.
Missing his little buddy, Paul’s friend Russell (Anthony Clark) urges him to get out. Paul heads to the local playground, trying to find some kids to play with to maintain his youthful energy.
But, when the playground becomes a bore, he explores more clever opportunities: working in a toy store, babysitting, advertising himself as a nanny – in his case, a “manny” – and even considers adoption.
That’s when Kathy Najimy (“Sister Act”), who plays Maggie Butler, steps in, wondering who the hell this “super dad” is. She concludes he’s up to no good and rallies the neighborhood to take action, which spews a comedy about two people who can’t see past their own perceptions of the world.
And then there’s tea. Before “Say Uncle” and Crystal Waters, join Kyane Taylor and other performers for some pre-party bagging and get down with your fellow homies, er, homos on Friday, June 2 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Whitney in Detroit.

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