Creep of the Week: Indiana Sen. Jeff Drozda

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Indiana Sen. Jeff Drozda

This week’s Creep is brought to you by our Pick On Someone Your Own Size Department’s annual boxing championship.
In one corner is Indiana State Senator Jeff Drozda (R-Westfield). In the other corner, a two-year-old girl.
Can you guess which one is this week’s Creep?
Following the ruling last month by a state appeals court permitting a lesbian couple to jointly adopt the baby girl they’ve been raising since her birth, Sen. Drozda is pushing for a law that would ban same-sex couples from adopting children. In fact, he’s modeling his law after Florida’s, the most restrictive and discriminatory anti-gay adoption ban in the country.
“In my eyes, that is in the best interest of children and a good public policy decision,” Drozda said.
In his eyes, eh? My guess is that in the eyes of the parents involved it feels pretty terrifying to know their little girl could be taken away. But then, when it comes to politicians like Drozda we’ve got to put policy in front of actual people.
Meanwhile, Attorney General Steve Carter is asking the Indiana Supreme Court to overturn the pro-child ruling, saying that he wants the adoption law “clarified.” The state appeals court already clarified it, of course, but apparently not the way Carter wanted.
According to The Associated Press, “The court ruled that unmarried couples, including those of the same sex, can adopt a child through a joint petition that gives both partners equal custody simultaneously.”
Mind you, this is exactly what lesbian and gay parents here in Michigan want, as the kids being raised by same-sex couples here are often left in legal limbo should their one legal parent die. Not to mention the multitude of potential problems non-legal parents have when it comes to things like taking the kid to the hospital or going on an out-of-state trip.
Of course, that’s the way folks like Drozda want it to stay – after all, he’s got to teach those gay homos a lesson. You know, it sure does seem morally dubious to punish little kids just because right wingers don’t like their parents. Of course, these same folks will point out that they aren’t punishing the kids; the gays are punishing the kids by foisting their “lifestyle” – and thus their lack of civil right and protections – onto them.
You know what this reminds me of? Remember the school bully in elementary school who used to grab the nerdy kid by the arm and make him hit himself in the face, all the while saying in a mocking way, “Why are you hitting yourself?”
By the way, Drozda introduced a similar bill last year, but it didn’t go anywhere. “I had other bills that were a priority,” he told the Indy Star, “and there was not a lot of interest.”
I guess, now, Drozda has nothing better to do. May his plot be foiled yet again. And may that little girl stay with the mothers who love her.

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