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Music proves therapeutic for Mariah

By |2018-01-16T10:14:03-05:00September 7th, 2006|Entertainment|

Mariah Carey’s personal life hasn’t always, well, glittered. Despite the chaos, Carey has prevailed and recorded a slew of songs that encompass her adventures. BTL entertainment reporter Chris Azzopardi counts them down.

10. “My Saving Grace”: Through all her troubles, Carey clings to Christ and records a touching gospel song that references her mixed race, breakdown and God’s shelter from the storm.
9. “Through the Rain”: The first single after Carey’s millennium madness, including the flopped film “Glitter,” finds her embracing her roots – a simple ballad that didn’t put her back on top, but reminded us of the wholesome balladeer of yesteryear.
8. “Hero”: Classic Carey. The soaring slow song found its way into the hearts of many during Sept. 11, when she sang it on the televised special “America: A Tribute To Heroes,” and became a favorite for “American Idol” contestants to screw up.
7. “Petals”: Thunder erupts as the piano twinkles in and the soul singer drudges up family memories, like her absent father and the vengefulness of those close to her.
6. “Make It Happen”: The soulful groove of this rags-to-riches ditty stands out as one of few Carey up-tempo tracks that carries a similar motivational theme as her ballads.
5. “Looking In”: Over haunting piano chords, Carey seeks solace and the public’s acceptance despite misconceptions about her glossed over celebrity Cinderella story.
4. “Can’t Take That Away”: The music video – of Carey sitting in front of a TV watching the personal triumphs of several fans – immediately comes to mind since that’s what this self-esteem booster and piano-based tune is about.
3. “Fly Like A Bird”: Utilizing her whispery vocals and her commanding chops during the finale, Carey embraces her gospel side and – with help from her pastor, who provides some spoken word – takes us to church.
2. “Outside”: Carey’s personal lyrics about overcoming adversity despite feeling like an outsider are draped over an organ percussion with vocals that evolve from cooing to a spine-tingling acrobatic act.
1. “Close My Eyes”: Referencing a broken home and her “wayward child” ways, the moving tune is a rare restrained ballad that’s a lyrical masterpiece with a simple, yet effective, lullaby-like hook.

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