Michigan, Arizona: Gay GOPs still backing Romney

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By Lisa Keen Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum's campaign appears to have begun to self-destruct from the candidate's increasingly harsh rhetoric and statements on social issues. And Mitt Romney, despite a scandal surrounding a campaign [...]

Santorum crystal-clear on anti-LGBT stance

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Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum cannot be accused of flip-flopping on LGBT issues. He has been unequivocally negative on all issues important to LGBT citizens. Here in his own words is what the candidate has [...]

I Walked (Barely) with a Zombie

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by Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter My birthday was approaching, and Ramona insisted on taking me out to celebrate. "Let's get shitfaced," she advised. She'd just broken up with a 24-year-old gymnast. For some reason she [...]

Hairy Potter

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Across 1 Ingrid's "Casablanca" role 5 Eva Gabor's "Green ___ " 10 Balls 14 What an adjective modifies 15 Lorna of literature 16 From the top 17 Actor interviewed in "Heat" about "manscaping" 20 Hairy [...]

Pets are counting on you

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Did you know that according to the American Animal Hospital Association 1 out of 4 pets could be saved if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting Veterinary treatment? Did you [...]

Who let the dogs out?

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DETROIT - Canine to Five owner Liz Blondy created an event that allows dog lovers and dogs to meet like-minded people, enjoy a drink and get to know one another in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere. [...]

Recalljanice.com: Troy mayor focus of campaign

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TROY - A newly formed Recall Janice Daniels group believes the citizens of Troy must take back their city from a "dangerous, polarizing ideologue." According to the group's website (http://www.recalljanice.com/index.html, "In light of widespread clamor [...]

Not much to pick from

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So what are Michigan LGBT voters going to do on Republican Primary election day? The choices are dismal, dangerous and represent a giant leap backwards for LGBT rights, women's reproductive freedom, labor and workplace protections [...]

Voting on marriage

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Heard on Facebook Rights should NEVER be voted on. This man needs to be removed from office. Can't they override his veto?? -Rich Waugh Christie is a coward. There is no legal precedent in NJ [...]

Remembering a BHM star!

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Parting Glances When Detroit-born, Cass Tech graduate Bernard Johnson died, age 60 in 1997, the New York Times carried a quarter-page obit celebrating his life as "a Renaissance man in dance." Little bigger than a [...]

Santorum to the Rescue

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by Michael Einheuser Viewpoint On Tuesday, February 28 I'm going to get up early, go to my local police precinct and do something likely to surprise many of my friends. I'm going to vote to [...]

A terrier’s cautionary tale

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Trout Lake, Mich.- What can be more fun for a dog than a road trip up north with your family and the chance to run free in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula? For 13-year-old [...]

Marriage Equality

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Compiled By Howard Israel S/he said "To Rick Santorum and the rest of the GOP field, my marriage will have no value because my relationship itself has no value. As far as gay relationships, Ron [...]

Romney, in his own (contradictory) words

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By Chris Johnson, Washington Blade Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney has been criticized as a flip-flopper during his presidential campaign. Although he's defended himself against accusations that his positions have pivoted on LGBT rights, his record [...]

Q Scopes: Speak up, Pisces!

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By Jack Fertig Mercury in Pisces now semi-sextile to Venus in Aries suggests one of those old screwball comedies where mad impulses and misunderstandings lead to love and happiness. Charm and humor will conquer all! [...]

Chris Christie

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Creep of the Week Well, marriage equality was nearly realized in New Jersey. But one guy stood in the way. And that one guy was Governor Chris Christie who vetoed the legislation when it landed [...]

Welcome to your city page!

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Welcome to your new Between The Lines News city page. On this page we will feature your town the way you think about it. We will strive to bring together diverse information, news stories, events [...]

The nurturing kind

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By Desiree Cooper DETROIT LGBT LEADER: ROYALE THEUS from Model D TV on Vimeo.DETROIT LGBT LEADER: ROYALE THEUS When he was only 20-years-old, Detroit native Royale Theus discovered he was going to be a father. [...]

V-Day in Michigan

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By Jeremy Martin Unlike most major holidays, Valentine's Day is not based on any ancient Pagan rituals. It holds no links to the solstice, the sewing or harvesting of crops, nor does it fall on [...]

The dont’s of dating

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Being on the market has its advantages: friends love stories that are sick, strange and full of you-gotta-be-kidding-mes. I've had my share of those (see below) - enough, anyway, to question my life as reality [...]

Murder, mayhem and laughs in Eastpointe

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"I keep losing track of what crime we're committing," gasps Lois Shields, an exasperated book editor in "Cahoots," the comedy thriller now playing at Eastpointe's Broadway Onstage Live Theatre. And she's not the only one, [...]

HealthCare.gov helps same-sex couples find coverage

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Americans are now able to use HealthCare.gov to search specifically for insurance plans that include coverage for domestic partners, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced Feb. 7. The Health Plan Finder tool on HealthCare.gov allows consumers [...]