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Keeping The Art Alive

Thirty-six years ago, Robert Louis Kidd and Ray Frost Fleming opened a Birmingham landmark: the Robert Kidd Gallery. Partners in business and in life, the pair founded the establishment on Townsend Street in 1976, a [...]

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Listen to your friends, Gemini!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Venus is squaring Mars, boosting creative and sexual tensions. Impulse and ego are very strong here, not true love. Commitments to a higher cause can prove dramatic. Promises of love [...]

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Laughing Through The Tears At Go!

By John Quinn The sheer wealth of original comedy available to local audiences is remarkable, given the relatively few artists who are proficient in improvisation and sketch comedy. It is no career for the faint [...]

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Making Your House Blossom

By Jerome Stuart Nichols For most people, the only time they step foot in a flower shop is when there's a wedding, funeral or first date in the near future. Flowers can be more than [...]

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Hungry for Equality, week 8 Quotes

"I won't starve today. I won't even really be hungry. But I am starved to have the conversation about perspective and other words like: equality, democracy, freedom, civility, society." - Julie Marcos "Unfortunately, I've been [...]

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Bryan Fischer

Hey, did you know that September 23 was "Bisexual Visibility Day"? I, personally, did not. So if you did nothing to celebrate, perhaps you can be forgiven since this bisexual day only exists, in official [...]

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The Not-So Bible Belt

By Crystal Proxmire For her first-ever visit to Ferndale, Alisha Virani's friend Liz Salazar picked the Rust Belt as a must-see [...]

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Christopher Gorski of Detroit GT

BY Crystal Proxmire Between Ourselves Christopher Gorski is a 42-year-old Ferndalian who turned his hobby into a unique tee shirt business. Find him in the Rust Belt Market or at various events in the famous [...]

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Goodbye, Mr. Phipps

Across 1 Pirate drink 5 ___ Virgin (character in 19-/43-Across) 8 Spencer-Devlin's sport 12 Like Obama's office 13 Takes out of the text 15 Blown away 16 Queens tennis stadium 17 Tatum of "The Bad [...]

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AIDS Walk Michigan

DETROIT - On a sunny, cool Saturday morning, AIDS Walk Michigan - Detroit walkers strutted along behind the awesome and energetic Cass Tech High School Marching Band. The band, in their snappy green and white [...]

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Vote this November

By Eric W. Rader Speak Out Mitt Romney has certainly had a bad month. Over the course of the last few weeks, the Republican presidential nominee has made a series of political gaffes and misstatements. [...]

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Dill-Vodka Martini

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter When we left our hero, he had just ruined yet another dinner party with a rare but deadly combination of bad memory and gracious seasonal taste. I had made dill-infused [...]

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‘Third Rail’ no more

By Amy Hunter Tip O'Neil famously said, "All politics is local". And it's true - in more than one context, politics is always "local" to every constituency. To some, local is the wallet, to others; [...]

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Jerome Corsi

Creep of the Week Have you heard the news about Obama? He's gay. A total homo closeted to the extreme who spent an awful lot of time at Chicago gay clubs and bath houses. Brave [...]

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Help us spread the word!

Put a link to the Pride Source Voter's Guide on your site! Cut and paste the following HTML snippets into your blog or website to help us get the word out about the Pride Source [...]

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LAHR PAC To Hold Town Hall Meeting

Lansing - Lansing Association for Human Rights (LAHR) and LAHR PAC are co-hosting a town hall meeting and candidate's forum at Trippers in Lansing Sept. 20 for the LGBT and allied community. The meeting will [...]

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Across 1 Man, as a cruising goal 5 Homo leader? 9 Skelton's Kadiddlehopper 13 Pansy supporter 14 Willy Wonka creator 15 "___ want is a room somewhere ..." 16 Start of the title of a [...]

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Think ahead, Aquarius!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury in Libra makes people agreeable, but opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto he triggers a lot of arguments. Good! Raise the hard issues and resolve them. ARIES (March 20 - [...]

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Screen Queen

Weekend In an interview with Andrew Haigh on the Criterion Collection release of his second feature film, "Weekend," the director insists he's not keen on having his British indie be classified as just a "gay [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'James Franco's Cruising' is a thing that's really happening If you're a film festival nerd or just really into arty-dirty stuff like BUTT Magazine, you probably saw or at least heard [...]

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Trolley ride to destiny

Parting Glances Who could imagine in 1865 that 144 years after John Wilks Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln in Ford Theater America's first black president would be attending ceremonies in Lincoln's honor? The gala event on [...]

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