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Look Out, Boys! Mae West Is Back In Town!

DETROIT - Mae West is back, and Detroit has her! In conjunction with the retirement reception for Barbara Murray from AIDS Partnership Michigan, "Dirty Blonde" will be presented as a very special one-time event on [...]

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Hear Me Out: Tim McGraw, Jewel

Tim McGraw, 'Two Lanes of Freedom' "Two Lanes of Freedom" is a significant departure for the country-music stud who's so brand new, his wardrobe now includes butt-hugging white pants. He takes advantage of this newfound [...]

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The Laughing Stock

By Samantha White Clockwise from left; Bridget McManus, Ted Morris, Gloria Bigelow and Jackie Monahan Some of the country's funniest comedians are coming to Michigan's LGBT ComedyFest at 8 p.m. March 9. Bridget McManus, [...]

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Above and Beyond

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter My brother-in-law introduced me to a new liqueur last week - well, new to me, anyway. It's an Italian aperitif called Aperol, and it's quite delicious. Think Campari, but with [...]

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Matt Barber

Creep of the Week If any of my readers have daddy issues and get off on being told "you're a bad bad boy," you'll love Matt Barber's new slash fiction open letter to the gays. [...]

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Happily never after

By John Quinn Brent Griffith (Podkoliosin) and Ty Mitchell (Kochkariev) in "Marriage" at the Hilberry Theatre. Photo: Kevin Replinger My mother's first response upon hearing that I was seeing a Russian comedy was, "There [...]

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In All the Right Circles

Across 1 Strip in the locker room 5 Weight unit for your stones 10 Cry out for 14 Oodles 15 Emanation from Feniger's kitchen 16 " ___ Betty" 17 Women's suffrage leader Carrie 18 Toxic [...]

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Equality In The Jury Box

Among the lesser-known places discrimination takes place is inside the courtroom, particularly in states where it is not illegal to dismiss jurors because of their sexual orientation or gender expression. Michigan is one of those [...]

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And The ‘Beat’ Goes On!

By John Quinn "The OffBeats" plays Thursday nights at 10 p.m. through April 4 at Go Comedy! Improv Theater and features Joe Hingelberg, James Quesada, Ryan Parmenter and Travis Pelto. Photo: SMyers You've got [...]

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C. Todd Gilbert

Creep of the Week Discrimination against lesbians and gays is but a figment of some overactive imaginations in Virginia so there's no need for silly laws against it. So goes the thinking of Virginia Delegate [...]

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Affirmations’ Spring Bash 2013 Set

Spring Bash, Affirmations Community Center's premier event of the year, is coming April 13 and will once again help raise significant funding to support vital programming and services. The 14th annual event is guaranteed to [...]

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The Cream of the Cropped

By Anthony Paull Dating Diet I once had a prominent politician say I was more of a publicity whore than a journalist. I was insulted, taking offense at the superfluous word "publicity" until I found [...]

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Divas Of Song And Spirit

By Carolyn Hayes Plowshares Theatre Company begins 2013 by making good on its mission of "Celebrating the Black Woman" for the 2013 season. Arranged by artistic director Gary Anderson, "The Divas Project" is a world-premiere [...]

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Benefit Buddies

By Andrea Poteet Barbara Murray and Ben Liptiz In his eight years performing as Pumbaa in the stage production of Disney's "The Lion King," Ben Lipitz has always taken time to give back, putting [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Benedict Cumberbatch. Photo: Helga Esteb Benedict Cumberbatch steps into DiCaprio's shoes as Alan Turing It's turning into Benedict Cumberbatch's year at the movies. Co-starring in "The Hobbit" trilogy, "Star Trek [...]

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‘The Lion King’ Still Rules

By Jenn McKee The Tree of Life from "The Lion King" national tour. Photo: Joan Marcus As the lights came up for "The Lion King"'s intermission at the Detroit Opera House, my nearly-five-year-old daughter [...]

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