Living In Style

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So often a dream house is just that - a dream. But for Royal Oak couple Michael "Chet" Chetcuti and Kyle Evans, they didn't just imagine parking a vintage car in the living room or [...]

The Big C, As In …

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Across 1 Bianchi and Hulce 5 Part of a breath mint pack 9 Give some lip to 13 Continental coin 14 "The African Queen" author 15 Protected from the wind 16 Pink Triangle Press publication [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin: better together? It's official: both Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have canceled talk shows. And while both also have other career irons in the fire - [...]

A Nip In The Rosebud

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Parting Glances "No garden without a pansy," is this spring's slogan of the American Perennial Association, last week proudly announcing its alliance of over 55,000 blooming horticulturalists and 6,500 hothouse caretakers with millions of LGBT [...]

Kalamazoo Amends EEOC Statement

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By BTL Staff The Kalamazoo Township Board of Trustees approved an amendment to their Equal Employment Opportunities Statement to include sexual orientation and gender identity at their April 22 meeting. The community does not yet [...]

Boy Scout Quotes

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"Today's decision by the Boy Scouts of America was not a partial or incremental win for LGBT scouts; it was a disappointing failure by BSA to demonstrate the very leadership they should be fostering in [...]

‘Mobile’ Man

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By Jerome Stuart Nichols Courtesy of MOCAD During his 35-year career, Michigan-born sculpture, installation and performance artist Mike Kelley went from humble beginnings to being labeled as "one of the most influential American artists [...]

Remembering Palmer Park Days

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By Greg Piazza One of the six buildings that comprise the Palmer Park Square project. Photo: Jason A. Michael Viewpoint Before there was a "Fashionable Ferndale" there was Palmer Park. An enclave of some [...]

Screen Queen: Oscar Winners 2013

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Les Miserables Wins: Actress in a Supporting Role (Anne Hathaway), Sound Mixing, Makeup and Hairstyling Boasting of its eight Academy Award nominations, three Golden Globe wins and "perfect" picture and sound, the "Les Miserables" Blu-ray [...]

Passion Of Crime

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Across 1 Sarandon's partner in "Thelma & Louise" 6 Neuwirth of "Chicago" 10 Court order 14 Bridge call, informally 15 Like a meticulous bottom? 16 Have ___ to grind 17 Serial killer on 26-Across 19 [...]

Give My Regards To Eastpointe

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By John Quinn In spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love; the theatrically inclined turn to thoughts of farce. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre closes its 32nd season with an original musical comedy, [...]