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In Gay Colors

Across 1 Brown's "Cat on the ___ " 6 Cicero's singular 10 Asks from one's knees 14 "After Delores" author Schulman 15 Big ones in porn films, sometimes 16 Focused on one's work 17 Not [...]

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Marriage Equality Wrap Up

BY AJ TRAGER The LGBT community started 2015 with 60 percent of the country (30 states) affirming the love of same-sex couples, and by July marriage equality had swept over the entire U.S. But how [...]

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Top Five Michigan LGBT Stories Of 2015

BY AJ TRAGER Newborn Girl Of Local Lesbian Couple Experiences Religious Discrimination Bay Windsor Contreras, daughter of Jami Contreras and Krista Dornfried-Contreras, was just 6 days old when she experienced her first instance of discrimination. [...]

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Marquette Adopts New Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

BY BTL STAFF WNMU-FM reports that Marquette has adopted a new anti-discrimination ordinance which states employers, landlords and others cannot discriminate against anyone based on their race, sexual orientation, gender or religion. "It shows that [...]

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Biggest LGBT Stories Of 2015

By Lisa Keen To be the "best year" ever in LGBT history, 2015 had to do better than 2013. That was the year the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the key section of the federal [...]

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2015: Queering The House

BY AJ TRAGER Queering The House State Reps. Jon Hoadley, D-Kalamazoo, and Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield, have made quite a mark since their election at the end of 2014 into Michigan's House of Representatives. Hoadley won [...]

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Most Hated Man In America Arrested

BY BTL STAFF NEW YORK - Thirty-two year old entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, who raised the price of life saving HIV medication "Daraprim" by 5,000 percent in September, was arrested Dec. 17 on charges of securities [...]

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Modern Family Man

Across 1 Michelangelo's "David," once 5 Supporters in the bedroom 10 Mistake for Paul Taylor 14 A fireman goes down on it 15 Vietnam capital 16 Tow job 17 Barrie's getting on in years 18 [...]

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Trans Sistas Fundraiser

Imagine This Productions held a holiday fundraiser for the fledgling Trans Sistas of Color Project on Dec. 6. The event raised over $300 for the new group, which is in the process of incorporating and [...]

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Ask Lambda Legal

By Greg Nevins Q. I am a lesbian who just started a new job on the management team at a new company. Invites have already started going out for the office holiday party, and it [...]

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As Heard On Facebook

As of press time, the fifth Republican presidential debate gets ready to televise live from Las Vegas. D'Anne Witkowski's renowned "Creep of the Week" is no stranger to these candidates, including write-ups this year of [...]

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NOW Endorses Fair Michigan

BY BTL STAFF EAST LANSING - On Dec. 14 the Michigan chapter of NOW (the National Organization for Women) issued a press release announcing their support of a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution [...]

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