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Thank You

BY JAN STEVENSON & SUSAN HOROWITZ Hundreds of you came to enjoy the empowering atmosphere, to meet almost 100 equality-conscious vendors, taste the amazing food and see the sparkling entertainment and fashion shows. Thanks to [...]

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George Weinberg Dies at 87

by Lou Chibbaro Jr., Washington Blade Dr. George Weinberg (Image capture via YouTube) George Weinberg, a psychotherapist, author of the 1972 book "Society and the Healthy Homosexual," and a highly acclaimed straight ally in [...]

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Pursuing Our Inner Mood

BY BTL STAFF "Under the Surface," a groundbreaking photographic exhibition by well-known rainbow community photographer Myles Gallagher opens April 5, and runs through May 20 in the second-floor art gallery of the Scarab Club. Gallagher [...]

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Gay Remake

Across 1 The bottom line 6 Stat for Richard Simmons 10 ___ jockey strap (support for a radio host?) 14 Became erect 15 Stein fillers 16 Jerusalem server 17 Downton Abbey veteran who plays 57-Across [...]

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Couples at the Expo

Jeff and Dimitrius Mitchell of Hamtramck Considering Dimitrius had already planned the wedding of his dreams when he first proposed, Jeff had no problem giving him complete control. "He had a vision. I wasn't one [...]

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Stand with Gavin Rally in Lansing

The Trump administration made a callous and cruel decision to rescind federal guidance on the rights of transgender students at school and underscores the pressing need for comprehensive nondiscrimination protection at the local, state, and [...]

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Lansing Resources

Campus Michigan State University LGBT Resource Center 302 Student Services Building East Lansing, Mic 48824-1113 Main Number 517-353-9520 Political Organizations Lansing Association for Human Rights (LAHR) P.O. Box 6565 E. Lansing, MI 48826 http://www.lahronline.org Professional [...]

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The Motown Movement

As Detroit recovers from a heavy setback, the strong do-it-yourself culture has inspired three architecture students from the Netherlands to come up with new ideas for sustainable building together with the community. They said they [...]

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