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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Lesbian sci-fi's Octavia Butler heads to TV She died in 2006, but Octavia Butler's work lives on. The late lesbian sci-fi author was critically acclaimed during her lifetime - and posthumously [...]

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In the Nick of Time

Across 1 Haul ass 5 Chocolate factory vessels 9 School of Marcel Duchamp 13 Poet Broumas 14 Bygone pump name 15 Word after "penis" 16 Closet opening 17 Cover for Adam's privates 18 It goes [...]

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Harming Our Troops

BY JAY KAPLAN On Monday morning, Aug. 28, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in the federal district court of Maryland challenging the constitutionality of the Trump Administration's transgender service member ban. The 39-page lawsuit states [...]

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The OutField

As it does with so many youngsters, sports saved Kaig Lightner. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball - all gave him a place to be himself. On the fields, courts and diamonds of suburban Seattle, Lightner found [...]

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What Charlottesville Has Taught Us

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow The demonstration that filled the air with chants of "Blood and Soil" and "Jews will not replace us" on the campus of the University of Virginia on Aug. 11 emboldened that [...]

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