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Creep of the Week: Peter LaBarbera

If LaBarbera thinks it’s tough to be a right-wing bigot online he should try being, say, any woman with an opinion on Twitter. Women online get rape and death threats for posting things like, “I really loved the all-female Ghostbusters reboot!” And even when the accounts of those threats are reported, they often don’t get put into Facebook or Twitter “jail.”

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The Mary Kay Foundation Awards First Step $20K Grant

PLYMOUTH – In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Mary Kay Foundation announced in November that it is awarding $3 million in grants to 150 domestic violence shelters across the country. First Step has received a $20,000 unrestricted grant to support local survivors of domestic violence in southeastern Michigan. This year’s grant contribution brings the Foundation’s total investment in its shelter grant program to $50 million.

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MOCAD’s Annual Monster Drawing Rally Dec. 14

In an "open call" to artists interested, MOCAD sent out a press release advertising their Monster Drawing Rally. This is an annual public event that features 100 artists in two one-hour shifts. They will draw in front of a live audience and make their usually private studio processes part of a public performance.

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JASON STUART 10th Year Anniversary Stand-Up Special from Here Media set to Stream on Dec. 7

Proudly openly gay for the length of his career, comedian Jason Stuart was the first openly gay male comedian to have his own hour comedy special: "Making it to the Middle." It was taped in the middle of his career, the middle of the country and the middle of his life, and will air again from Here Media for its 10th year anniversary on Dec. 7, on Here TV on cable and streaming services.

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DIA Partners with Social Service Agencies for 10th Community Group Art Exhibition

DETROIT — The Detroit Institute of Arts presents its 10th annual Community Group Art Exhibition from Dec. 6, 2018, to Jan. 6, 2019, in the special exhibition galleries located next to Rivera Court, with a connected display in the Walter Gibbs Learning Center. The artworks were created by participants in the DIA’s Community Group Program, a partnership between the museum and human service agencies in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

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BTL World AIDS Day 2018 Analysis

The last several years have seen a dramatic shift in the HIV landscape in the country and specifically in Michigan. In September, San Francisco, long a bastion for those affected by the epidemic, reported just 221 new cases in 2017. The San Francisco Chronicle reported this was an historic low in new cases, but it also found that there were significant disparities in age, race and gender of those newly diagnosed. Of those new diagnoses in San Francisco, 60 percent were among people under age 40 — that’s despite the vast majority of those living with HIV in the city being over age 50.

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World AIDS Day Event Calendar

  Friday, Nov. 30 8:30 a.m. U=U Community Committee 30th Anniversary Commemoration Appreciation Breakfast and Luncheon at Corktown Health Center, 1726 Howard St., Detroit. corktownhealth.org/ 11 a.m. Unite in the global fight with The Wellness [...]

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Legislature Must Stop Health Officials’ Invasive Plans

PQ: As long as Michigan continues to criminalize people living with HIV for engaging in sexual behavior that may not even transmit the virus, the genetic clustering work could be abused by zealous prosecutors. Perhaps those prosecutors believe they are working to stop HIV transmissions. Perhaps they are driven by animus against certain at risk populations.

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Just Desserts

Across 1 Get off the breast 5 Ejaculation of concern 9 Travels with one's first mate 14 "At Wit's End" author Bombeck 15 Farm erection 16 High marks 17 Tempt with desserts? 19 Bryant, who [...]

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All Means All

Two years ago, after the Michigan State Board of Education approved a set of policy recommendations for the support and inclusion of LGBTQ students, the father of a child attending Dexter’s Cornerstone Elementary School scheduled a meeting with principal Craig McCalla. He took issue with the school's bathroom policy: allowing students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

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Deep Inside Hollywood

  Get ready for a Roy Cohn-ucopia Did you miss the Roy Cohn lesson in queer history class? Do you still not know about the closeted, Trump-mentoring, McCarthyite lawyer who hated the LGBT community and [...]

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Parting Glances: Two Kings and a Presidential ‘Queen’

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1965 historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, for African-American voter rights changed the South forever. (Or, did it?) Few know that another King – William Rufus DeVane King – gave Selma its name 145 years earlier. (It means “high seat” or “throne,” and comes from an epic Ossianic poem, “The Songs of Selma.”)

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