Granholm, Stabenow earn BTL endorsements

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There is much at stake for LGBT people in the election this November. Our supportive Gov. Jennifer Granholm is facing a stiff challenge from a virulently anti-gay, far-right Republican challenger. Our state legislature is controlled by Republicans who are too quick to exclude LGBT people from public life, and to crimp our rights and freedoms and those of our families. There are pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT candidates running for federal, state and local offices and it is up to all of us to vote, and to vote smart. We must elect people who will protect our rights and include us in the public dialog.
Between The Lines has spent months researching the voting records of our elected officials, surveying and interviewing the candidates, and investigating which organizations – pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT – that are supporting which candidates.
We have compiled our findings in a comprehensive Voters’ Guide that is available online at Study this guide, download it, in fact download several copies and share them with your neighbors. Let as many friends, family and co-workers as possible know about this tool. It is easy to use — it takes just a few minutes — and you’ll have an essential guide for Nov. 7 when you vote.
In this issue we also provide you with all of our endorsements in all the races. (See page 12.) You can see more in-depth information about the candidates and the races on
At the top of the ticket, we strongly endorse Gov. Jennifer Granholm. She is light years ahead of Republican candidate Dick DeVos in so many areas. LGBT citizens have been at the table with her discussing our lives, our values and our need for full equality. This conversation will never happen if DeVos becomes the next governor. Steeped deep in the far-right’s vision, he will only dampen the creative spirit required to take Michigan where it needs to go in order to grow economically and spiritually. Every single vote will count in this election, where candidate DeVos plans on outspending the Granholm campaign four-fold. Let’s send him packing and let him know that the governor’s seat is not for sale.
We endorse U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow for re-election, and we have endorsed candidates in practically every U.S. House District. We have also researched and endorsed in many of the Michigan State House and Senate races, judgeships including the Supreme Court of Michigan, many local races, and in each of the races for university trustees. We have also made recommendations on all five of the proposals that will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot.
As a community we can wield our power and vote smart Nov. 7 by using this tool provided to you by Between The Lines. Download it, use it, vote – make a difference.

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