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Dear Jody: Republican experiences post-election blues

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Republican experiences post-election blues

Q: Well, the elections are over and even though all of my friends are elated, I am not! Instead, I am tormented by them. I am a Log Cabin Republican. I can accept the defeat of the Republican Party as I blame most of it on our president getting too involved with the religious right and then not getting out of the war. But not all Republicans are bad or evil or stupid. Right now it seems we are all being demonized. My friends are having post-election parties, of which I am not invited. Not that I would I attend if they did invite me. They are calling me and making jokes about what the next four years are going to be like. One person put a reformed Republican sign in my yard without my knowledge. But mostly they just gloat. I don’t think the Republicans gloated when we won the house, the senate and the presidency. How do I get them to see how childish they are being by their juvenile gloating behavior and make them see how hurtful it is?
Upset Loser

A: Sometimes people’s elation over the elections seems like gloating but maybe it isn’t. Maybe they are just happy. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the winning side in an election to do some gloating; either party can be guilty of that. If you’re really feeling hurt about the whole thing, talk to your friends and ask them to stop talking about politics around you. At any rate, pretty soon the whole thing will die down and little will be said about this past election.

P.S.: Your getting upset about the election in front of those who would “torment” you will only encourage them to continue.

Love interest on different wavelength

Q: I went out with a friend last week. I have had my eye on him for a couple of years so I was so excited when he invited me out. I’ve been out with him in groups but never alone. He took me to a movie and to a lovely quaint restaurant for dinner. Then we went on a long romantic walk along the river, and then we went to his place where I spent a heavenly night. It was a wondrous night for me and I thought it was for him, too. He was totally attentive, romantic, and boy does he know his stuff when it comes to pleasing a guy. I had my breath taken away by him. I felt like he and I were meant for each other. He fixed me breakfast in bed the next morning. After then I went home. I sent him some flowers and a thank you note expressing what a wonderful time I had, and that I was looking forward to seeing him again. I hadn’t heard from him, but he and I attended the same party two nights ago. So, I went up to him expecting to take up where we left off and he mostly ignored me. He spoke to me and then moved on as if there was nothing special between us. Of course I went home totally crushed. I have been waiting to hear from him but nothing, not even a phone call. What should I do? Call him? Go see him? Write him? I know I’ll see him again because he runs around with some of the same crowd that I do and I don’t want to make a total fool out of myself, but I don’t want to just be a piece of meat to him either.
Meat on the Hook

A: Since you know you will be seeing him again, I would call him and ask him to go for coffee or lunch – if he refuses that, just talk to him on the phone. Be honest with him about what your expectations were after the date and find out where he is coming from. If you don’t talk about what happened, it will continue to be uncomfortable for you each time you are in the same room with him.

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