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“One Knight Stand”

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1 Lower, to Lorca
5 A little behind
9 Short probe
14 Place for a Malgieri pastry
15 Loads
16 Colette’s “The ___ One”
17 Like porn
18 Madonna taught this in “The Next Best Thing”
19 “Gone With the Wind” heroine Scarlett
20 Medical drama with T.R. Knight
23 Subj. for those of a different tongue
24 Uey from WSW
25 Upright shaft
29 Have roots
31 “The African Queen” author
33 “Is ___ boy or …”
34 Master’s award
36 Like a David Hockney swimming pool
37 Knight’s character on 20-Across
41 Goes to seed
42 Start to remove your pants, perhaps
43 Hagen of “The Boys from Brazil”
44 Suckers
46 Flocks
50 Rivera portrayer, in “Frida”
52 Where to find a bear pair
53 Bonheur’s island
54 “Licensed to kill” nickname of 37-Across
58 Dampen the pansies
61 Three guys who went to see Mary
62 Opera figure
63 Became erect
64 Exiled Roman poet
65 RuPaul’s application
66 Foams at the mouth
67 Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas
68 Hathaway of “The Devil Wears Prada”

1 Scarecrow portrayer Ray
2 Strongly opposed
3 Word after family
4 “I Shot ___ Warhol”
5 Die on the stage
6 What Garbo “vanted” to be
7 Frat party robe
8 Colorado, to Cocteau
9 37-Across to Meredith and Izzie
10 Alcohol for Lucy’s partner?
11 When repeated, a dance
12 Above, to Byron
13 Piece-loving org.
21 Memorial of coming out of Egypt
22 Unbar, to the bard
26 Old money, to Pasolini
27 Lambda Leg. Defense lawyer, e.g.
28 “Rebel Without a Cause” director Nicholas
30 Straight talk, according to marriage laws?
31 Many, many moons
32 Precious stones
35 Continue not to ask or tell
36 Boxers eat it on the floor
37 Head for
38 It comes at the bottom of a list
39 Unisex machines
40 Escapades
41 Pirates’ drink
44 Is noisy in bed
45 Track-and-field org.
47 Barney’s lover
48 Team, for David Kopay
49 Place to turn pages?
51 That is, to Caligula
52 Protection
55 Well-endowed college guy?
56 Hot stuff that gets shot off
57 Barry Humphries’ Dame
58 Kids’ card game
59 Constellation over Sydney
60 Amount of bricks

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