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McGovern pimps up podcasts

By | 2018-01-15T20:53:31-05:00 November 23rd, 2006|Entertainment|

By Jillian A. Bogater

cut/ Jonny McGovern (middle)

“Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern”
* Explicit language, for mature audiences
* Podcasts available on iTunes and at

Listen up, little gay babies … Jonny McGovern is back!
Season three of “Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern” is finally available for download, and the two-hour premiere podcast is simply fagtastic.
The baritone-voiced host came back with a gospel-inpsired theme song, courtesy of Adam Jospeh.
The season opener also featured a very special guest: Kevin Aviance, who gave his first interview since he was brutally attacked earlier this summer by a group of homo-hating thugs. The recording artist and gender-bender extraordinarre recounted the night he was beaten in a gay section of New York, and his glamorous appearance weeks later riding an elephant in the city’s gay pride parade – looking mah-velous in a white top hat with his mouth still wired shut from his injuries.
McGovern, joined with his podcast team of Straight Boy Martin (gay babies, say: Mah-TEEN) and the Glamorous LaMady Linda James, readily dishes on the New York City nightlife in the “Five-Six” segment.
McGovern and the rest of his campy crew continue giving back to the community in his “Let’s talk about reading” segment, where he teaching gay babies how to read using gossip rags as instructional aids. Favorite targets are anorexic starlets Nicole “Skeletor” Richie and Lindsay Lohan.
But don’t think this podcast is all go-go boys and tran-tastic drag queens. Special guest Sophia “I hate everything” Lamar gives reality checks to gay babies ’round the globe with her weekly update on what tops her list of rancor. From slow drivers to bears in gay pride parades, nothing makes this lady happy.

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