DJ’s no Madonna virgin – Tracy Young has ties to diva

Chris Azzopardi
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Some gay men would fork over their home just to have the relationship Tracy Young does with Madonna.
Young has turned clubs upside down with remixes of “Music” and “Hung Up.” She played at after-parties on Madge’s recent Confessions Tour. To top it off, though, she deejayed at her wedding reception to Guy Ritchie.
“It’s actually been a good ride for me,” Young says. “You can’t pay for that kind of exposure.”
That’s why Young may be biased when she says that Madonna’s recent controversial adoption isn’t a big deal.
“It’s just that it’s Madonna,” she says. “It’s about the baby being black. I don’t think anything has changed deep down. Racism and discrimination still exist. It’s just hidden better.”
As she climbed the Miami club scene ladder, Young met Madonna in 1998 when lesbian club owner Ingrid Casares introduced her to pal Madonna at her Miami club, Liquid.
“I actually sat right next to her and I didn’t see her,” says the long-time fan. ” … I said, ‘Oh hi, nice to meet you.’ And then I walked away … I just got nervous.”
Although the DJ and diva have worked together for eight years, it’s always been business-related. No late night gossip chats. No babysitting gigs. No getting plastered together.
“She’s too busy for me to bother her,” Young says.
The club DJ has also reworked a rumored Madonna-rival’s song. Young mixed the gospel-flavored “Fly Like A Bird” from Mariah Carey’s recent comeback album into an uplifting club jam.
“She (Carey) was supposed to go in and re-sing the vocal on the track but it never happened,” Young says, disappointed. “I still have my fingers crossed.”
Although the DJ also worked with gay icons Cyndi Lauper and Christina Aguilera, Young has turned down some popular tracks because she couldn’t get into them.
“Generally if I don’t feel the song I probably won’t mix it, but there are those times where I’ve gotten a song I liked and I get into the studio and I couldn’t do anything with it.”
As she takes a break from working in her Miami studio, one of several she mixes at, she reveals she couldn’t build one in her home.
She laughs, “I would never leave.”

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