Spokeswoman quits public post with YAF

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EAST LANSING – Joanna Varnavas, the spokeswoman for the controversial Young Americans for Freedom student group at Michigan State University, quit her position as spokesperson for the group over the weekend.
“I didn’t like the way we were labeling people,” she said. “I didn’t like the hate speech. I just did not say anything before.”
She said the group’s leader, 20-year-old Kyle Bristow, was emotional at first, accusing her of causing dissension in “his” group. He did accept her resignation from the public post. She will remain a “passive” member of the group.
“He was very staunch, though, that he was not going to bend on his beliefs on the issues,” Varnavas said.
She said the decision was made over the weekend following her interview with BTL as well as discussions with other friends she labels as her “liberal friends.”
“I think it was more of speaking with people and hearing their stories and seeing the full brunt of what my actions were doing,” she said. “I was in the dark. I had not taken it as seriously as I should have.”
Varnavas promises she won’t be leaving the public spotlight though. She said she has started plans to bring liberals and conservatives together to discuss the issues. “I want to bring people together who are willing to speak intellectually, without emotions, about the issues,” she said.
She plans a public forum where those who will not get “emotional” can sit and have a drink and discuss the issues and find out where the other side is coming from.

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