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Waxing’s worth it

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Steve Carell didn’t make waxing his man-lawn look merry in “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”
“Damn that movie! It scared everybody away,” laughs owner and esthetician Yvette Tremaine of Tantra Face & Body in Ferndale.
The pain’s the reason more men shave then get it waxed, she notes.
When Tremaine, who has worked in the skin care industry for 13 years, first opened Tantra in 2002, she anticipated more men wanting bare chests and shaped eyebrows. She was wrong.
“Are people just dealing with the prickly itch that comes along with shaving?” she’s beginning to believe.
Steve Nottingham of Waterford admits his first eyebrow wax was unnerving, but it’s worth the split-second of pain.
“You don’t have to think about it as much as if you were plucking (the hairs) randomly,” he says.
Tantra’s cozy ambience made Nottingham’s first visit to the spa more comforting.
“It’s a great beauty solution,” he notes. “Even for guys they make it a very comfortable experience.”
Besides Tremaine, there’s only one other employee at Tantra, which helps maintain privacy. It’s not like a doctor’s office where everyone is wearing white and everything looks sterile.
“They feel like they’re at home,” she says.

As winter settles in, Tremaine is considering turning an empty spa area into a light therapy room early next year to help people ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder, a common wintertime affliction. The owner notes that many customers have expressed interest. The room would promote relaxation with tea, soothing music and reading material.
Year-round, but especially during high-stress times, Tremaine recommends facials and massages, which Tantra offers. “People are making it more routine,” she says. “When they leave here with a facial or a massage they book their next appointment. It’s making big changes in people’s live.”
Massages help maintain a person’s well-being by lowering stress levels and creating harmony in the body and mind, she notes. “From when they walk in until the time they leave, (people are) completely different.”

9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Friday
9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday
23059 Woodward Ave., Ferndale
(248) 582-6872

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As editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBTQ wire service, Chris Azzopardi has interviewed a multitude of superstars, including Cher, Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. His work has also appeared in GQ, Vanity Fair and Billboard. Reach him via Twitter @chrisazzopardi.