Dreamy soundtrack showcases Beyonce, ‘Idol’ finalist

Chris Azzopardi
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All that buzz about Jennifer Hudson, believe it. Breathtaking beauty “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” highlights a dazzling set that showcases Hudson as a gifted vocalist who should be elated she didn’t get handed the “American Idol” crutch. She fiercely tackles the Broadway-era Jennifer Holliday rendition with vocal acrobatics that would make Whitney Houston’s cracked-out voice go back into hiding. Even Eddie Murphy’s chops channel deep emotion on several cuts, like the soulful “I Want You Baby.” Beyonce, presumably, shines on the soundtrack, particularly with the poignant, inspired ballad “Listen.” Though the cut appears on her “B’day” album, and it doesn’t mimic the 60s and 70s style on the soundtrack, her passionate delivery glows once she belts the chorus. When paired with Jamie Foxx’s smooth vocals, like on “When I First Saw You,” the duo’s electricity would make Benjamin Franklin smirk. While the hammy “Family” falls flat, the music’s chock-full of spine-tingling, high-octane R&B that makes this a dream worth pursuing.

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