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Q Puzzle: “Ball Handlers”

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December 25, 2006

1 Movie about a gay bathhouse, with _The_
5 Clergyman Bean
9 High places with flat tops
14 ___ bit (slightly)
15 Ready to go in
16 Good-sized
17 Cartoonist that drew the Democratic ass
18 Place for Young men?
19 GLAAD concern
20 Beginning of a sports quip from _Queer as Folk_
23 Bahamas crusing spot
24 Village People hit
25 Bonheur’s island
28 Da. that the Stonewall riots began
30 Vin Packer and Ann Bannon, for example
32 More of the quip
37 Penetrating
38 Potent leader?
39 More of the quip
41 Cote d’___
42 One who carries Melissa’s amps
45 More of the quip
48 Feeler
50 “I’ll ___ anything once”
51 _Heather ___ Two Mommies_
52 Lurid Billy Masters material
54 43-Down, for one
59 End of the quip
61 Head dog
64 Skirt for Nureyev’s partner
65 Petty of _A League of Their Own_
66 Words after grace
67 Get better
68 It comes before sum
69 Sculptor Nancy
70 Nick was his master
71 Does a head job?

1 Took to the police station
2 Michael Landon’s “___ Teenage Werewolf”
3 Checks for STDs
4 What a Greek sleeper catches?
5 Todd Oldham’s field
6 Date opening?
7 Willing and able partner
8 Drag queen Van Zant
9 Fruity rum drinks
10 Thompson of _Angels in America_
11 Site for three men in a tub
12 Easy subj. for John Nash 13 Go out with
21 Boat that’s often blown up
22 NCAA home of the Bruins
25 Mazda competitor
26 Stop working hard
27 Gay former NFL player Tuaolo
29 Schubert’s Symphony ___ Minor (“Unfinished Symphony”)
31 Opposite of loads
32 Scroll at Beth Chayim Chadashim
33 “___ roll!” (winner’s cry)
34 Responders to “Bite me!”?
35 Make oneself hard to find
36 Expected to come soon
40 Explosive stick
43 Painter/sculptor Robert
44 Feminist poet Dame
46 Horror film character that sucks?
47 _Jane ___ _ (Moorehead flick of 1944)
49 She demanded “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”
53 Sets straight
55 Like some baths
56 _Maurice_ director James
57 Male partner of St. Bacchus
58 Smallest nonmonogamous groups
59 Spin like a top
60 Coup target, to Cocteau
61 Nabokov novel
62 Nickname that Taylor dislikes
63 Org. that uses ball-washers

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