Letter: Griffin music review ‘compelling and beautifully written’

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I would like to compliment Chris Azzopardi on his insightful interview with singer/songwriter Patty Griffin (“Coming Out of the Dark,” Feb. 1, 2007). It is a treat to read an interview written with such affection and interest, where the author has obviously paid such careful attention to the music he is reviewing. It clearly took a great deal of time and effort, the result of which is a piece that is compelling and beautifully written.
I have been a Patty Griffin fan for eight years; she is an exquisite artist who is uniquely able to write not just confessional songs – which are the curse of many musicians – but to get inside the minds of other people and write from their perspectives. She addresses universal themes in a stunning, contemporary format that also manages to be timeless. Her songs never get old. Her words never stop opening the scars in your heart. She deserves every possible accolade. It is so satisfying to see someone do her justice.
Thanks to Mr. Azzopardi, and thanks to pridesource.com for running the piece.

Elise Ikoku
Charlotte, N.C.

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