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By Matthew Zeiberman

‘This Is Love’

“This Is Love”
Jason and deMarco

They’re more than pretty faces. Jason and deMarco are Christian. And gay. Their new gushy single, “This Is Love,” floods with love. That’s no surprise considering they’re a couple, too.

Why did you decide to make your new single a Valentine’s release?
deMarco: When the video hit No. 1 on MTV’s Logo, we knew that we had to release it as its own entity. Naturally, the theme of “This is Love” being consistent with Valentine’s Day, it was a no-brainer that we’d tie the release into the special day.

What does your song say about love?
Jason: “This is Love” is about what you feel when you realizing that you’re falling in love with someone and all that goes on in your mind and in your heart in that moment.

Do you agree with the song’s message?
Jason: I agree with the message that no matter how the world may judge our love, our relationships, or us period, no one can take what we feel away from us.

In your opinion, is love meant to be forever?
deMarco: It could be. I find that love means so much to gays and lesbians because we’ve had to fight so hard for it and have often had sacrifice our relationships with our family, our faith, our jobs and even the places we live for it.
Jason: Love allows us to grow, to learn, to forgive and to see ourselves through others’ eyes. It’s easy for “Love” to be a simple word, but when it becomes an actual “practice,” then it has the potential to be forever.

What is your favorite Valentine’s memory?
Jason: Our first Valentine’s Day, deMarco had to work so I spent it by myself. I bought him chocolates and a monkey. He didn’t buy me anything (laughs).

‘Just sex’

“Just Sex”
Billie Myers

English singer-songwriter Billie Myers blew onto the music scene – and the WB’s “Dawson’s Creek” – with “Kiss The Rain.” But even though her jazz and pop stylings didn’t succumb to mainstream appeal, she carved a core fan base with two studio albums. And, we’ll venture to guess, it beats being an insurance agent.

Why did you decide to make your new single (“Just Sex”) a Valentine’s release?
Because Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the people you care about most. My new song has a slightly tongue in cheek feel to it. It’s basically saying, “Relax. It’s OK to like somebody.”

What does your song say about love?
That love for a night can simply be a physical thing.

Do you agree with the song’s message?
Yes, love and sex should not be judged as good or bad. It should simply be felt.

In your opinion, is love meant to be forever?
Ideally yes, but the definition of “love” is a very personal thing. It changes with age, experience and partners. Love takes many shapes and is ever evolving. As such it can last forever in one form or another. Whether people are capable of being “in love” forever, that’s debatable.

What is your favorite Valentine’s memory?
My favorite Valentine’s was spent at a Cher concert with the people I love most, my friends.

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