‘Girls’ offers variety of lady lotharios

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By Jillian A. Bogater

Sometimes shorter is better.
That surely seems the case with “She Likes Girls,” a collection of six lesbian short films released by Wolfe Video just in time for Valentine’s Day.
The romantically themed flicks, while largely catering to a white audience, address a wide array of issues, including race, gender identity, coming out, lesbian politicking and fairytales.
A quick peek at the films:

“The Piper”
Directed by Abbe Robinson (10 minutes, UK)
The Pied Piper appears in a seductive female form, complete with a wooden flute and the power to lull cockroaches and other vermons from the apartments of damsels in distress.

“The Univited”
Directed by Louise Runge (12 minutes, USA)
Trying to be a Good Samaritan by returning a lady neighbor’s misplaced piece of mail, a woman unwittingly finds herself the object of intense obsessive attention.
“Sarang Song”}
Directed by Tamika Miller (23 minutes, USA)
Set in 1972, this storyline examines the relationship dynamics of a young black lesbian couple as one fiercely places herself at the front of the Los Angeles Black Power movement.

“This Boy”
Directed by Amy Burt (21 minutes, Canada)
Kit, an early-teens Tomboy with a Beatles mop ‘do, convinces her best friend Mike to sneak into the house of a classmate gal Kit has a mad crush on. The storyline, set in 1965 Halifax, examines gender identity and young schoolgirl love.

“Shugar Shank”
Directed by Meredyth Wilson (18 minutes, USA)
High School rocker Matilda (Matt) falls for a straight girl in her band. This powerful story deals with family dynamics, coming out struggles, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

“Cosa Bella”
Directed by Fiona Mackenzie (15 minutes, USA)
This film explores the complicated, fractured and sometimes manipulative relationship between two former college roommates.

‘She Likes Girls: 6 Romantic & Sexy Lesbian Short Films’
Wolfe Video; $24.95
Now available

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