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Q Crossword Puzzle: Body Work

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March 12, 2007

1 Protector of k.d. lang and Janis Ian
6 Comes out on the beach
10 Rainbow shape
14 Gay ___ (anti-Gay Pride group)
15 Miss, to Mme. de Stael
16 “Oliver!” request
17 Hung like a ___
18 Baseballer Billy, or kind of ball
19 On an Olivia cruise
20 With 48-Across, masseurs?
23 Fruit sugar ending
24 Market tail?
25 Gets ready to shoot off again
26 With 34-Across, “He Touched Me” singer
28 Stick it in a tough guy
30 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps
31 Culture Club’s “___ Miracle”
32 Cole Porter’s “Katie Went to ___”
33 Banned bug killer
34 See 26-Across
38 Site for three men in a tub
41 Lisa Cholodenko’s spools
42 Where to see sweaty athletes
46 I.M. ___ (contemporary of Philip Johnson)
47 Biters of Marc Antony’s girlfriend
48 See 20-Across
50 Take into custody
52 Magneto portrayer McKellen
53 J. Caesar’s tongue, or back muscle
54 Please, like a masseur?
58 Hairy twin
59 Bear hunter Boone, briefly
60 Controversial path for same-sex partners
62 Longtime lesbian couples often do this
63 Estimator’s phrase
64 “What does she see ___?”
65 “Island of Lost Souls” director Kenton
66 Western defense gp.
67 Philippines island

1 It hangs from your butt
2 Patronizes, as Barneys
3 Goes lickety-split
4 “I ___ Beautiful” (narcissist’s version of a Joe Cocker hit?)
5 One of the balls in your head
6 An old flame?
7 Pleasured orally
8 Vanilla
9 Frieda, before she married Diego
10 Kitchen appliance brand
11 Like brilliantly colored lips
12 Got excited
13 Accessory for Madonna
21 “Lost and Delirious” director Pool
22 Kline of “De-Lovely”
23 Alec’s “Star Wars” character
27 Some women’s studies degrees
28 Travels with one’s first mate
29 Greet Pat Robertson
32 Dickens’s Uriah
35 Word that takes “Euro” as a prefix
36 Lay atop
37 To God, to Nero
38 Losing gladiator’s plea
39 Lingerer at the porno rack, e.g.
40 Clean miss at a New York Liberty game
43 Like the Oscars
44 Short theater offering
45 Where to find
48 “Poppycock!”
49 Require a bottom?
51 Piece for Liberace
52 White house without Bush
55 ___ avis
56 Kinsey’s org.
57 Sometimes-pink drink
61 It may come before long

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