Anti-bullying legislation in Michigan: A timeline

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2001: Triangle Foundation works closely with State Representative
Buzz Thomas (D-Detroit) and other legislative leaders to introduce
the first-ever bill to address bullying in public schools.

July: Michigan’s State Board of Education passes an anti-bullying
policy directive.

2002: Michigan House committee holds the only hearing on the bill.

2003: Reintroduction of anti-bullying legislation in the Michigan
House and Senate. A Senate Republican tells Triangle that as long as
gay kids are covered by the bill it will not move.

2005: Reintroduction by Senator Buzz Thomas (D-Detroit) and State
Representative Glenn Anderson (D-Westland). Bill gets record 47 co-
sponsors in the House. Momentum grows. Michigan Safe Schools
Coalition forms with involvement from more youth and national


January: Governor Jennifer Granholm urges the passage of anti-
bullying legislation in her State of the State Address.

March: Safe Schools Lobby Day has is attended by over 100 citizen

Summer: State Board of Education votes unanimously to require school
districts to pass inclusive anti-bullying policies.

December: Many LGBT groups- ACLU, Triangle, Affirmations, Michigan Equality, CARE, among others, formed a coalition to develop legislative strategy on pro-gay legislation, including the anti-bullying bill.


January: Democrats take control of the Michigan House of
Representatives. Momentum builds among coalition partners and lawmakers.

January 25: State Senator Glenn Anderson (D-Westland) re-introduces
Matt’s Safe Schools Law as Senate Bill 107. Bill expanded to include
bullying over the Internet, either on school grounds or via a school-
provided Internet service.

January 30: Mattis Safe Schools Law introduced in the Michigan House
by State Rep. Pam Byrnes (D-Lyndon Township ) as House Bill 4162.”

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