Letters: Safe Schools Coalition is strong

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We would like to thank Between The Lines for the wonderful article last week that praised the Safe Schools Lobby Day. Many people put a great deal of hard work into lobby day. Each year it has succeeded in getting people in our community out of their comfort zones and into the Capitol Building, where decisions are being made about our lives. And thank you for crediting the lobby day with the passage of the bill. We are certain it had an impact.
You also ran two articles and one editorial criticizing the coalition for alleged infighting. Although we feel the articles may have exaggerated the differences of opinion in our coalition, we admit they exist. The Michigan Safe Schools Coalition continues to grow and gain momentum. As with any coalition, the more voices that join the table, the more strategies and opinions are available to us. Like any healthy and strong coalition, differences of opinion do not deter us from pushing on, united, for a common goal. Each and every member of the MI Safe Schools Coalition believes that Michigan needs an effective, statewide anti-bullying law that includes all youth. And our coalition has been very successful in that accomplishment. Despite rabid attacks from the far right, we worked with legislative leaders to pass a meaningful anti-bullying law in the Michigan House of Representatives.
It is unfortunate that Between The Lines focused on the challenges of our coalition more than it focused on the progress we have made in passing a bill that has been ignored by the legislature for 6 years. Anyone working in a coalition knows that sometimes not everyone is happy. But, we work through it and we re-commit ourselves to charting a course for our community that is successful and has integrity. We look forward to the months ahead, pushing the Michigan Senate to pass Matt’s Safe Schools Law. For information on how to join our coalition please contact Carter Klenk at [email protected]

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