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Gay Men’s Chorus hosts annual spring concert June 8 and 9

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LANSING– The Greater Lansing Gay Men’s Chorus will hold its annual spring concert June 8 and 9. The event will be held at Dart Auditorium on the campus of Lansing Community College. The tickets for the event are $10-$25 on a sliding scale.
The theme of the event this year is “The Hidden Lights of Broadway.” This will be the 19th year the organization has sponsored a spring concert.
“As we started pulling together pieces,” said Choral Director Peter Morse, “we found all these pieces, some from well known shows, but others that were gems from lesser known works.”
“For many people, this may be the first time they hear some of these pieces, or they have heard them and not known they were from Broadway,” Morse said.
Included in the line up this weekend are songs from lesser known shows such as The Apple Tree, to cult favorites like Sweeney Todd, the well known Chicago, My Fair Lady and others.
The group began planning the event before their annual Christmas concert in December, and set to work finalizing the listing in January. By February, they knew all the props, dances and songs they would use or sing and have been polishing ever since, Morse said.
The group plays host to about 40 gay men, ranging in age from college age to retiree, says Greg Serrano, president of the Greater Lansing Gay Men’s Chorus.
“It’s very exciting to see the twenty-somethings wanting to be involved,” he said.
Morse said the group is not just about singing.
“I have a couple of goals with the chorus,” he said. “First, I want to give the men a safe place to hang out, be with friends and be safe. Then it’s about music and third it’s about doing a great show. But the safe space is the most important part.”

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