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Teen injured in bullying incident

By | 2018-01-16T05:24:45-05:00 June 7th, 2007|News|

Capitol Correspondent

NAPOLEAN TWP- According to reports from PFLAG Jackson and the Jackson Citizen Patriot, a 15-year-old, openly gay Napolean High School student, Brandon Gallentine, was assaulted in the hallways of his school on May 8.
On May 29, the Citzen Patriot reported that Gallentine has been harassed in the hallways of this Jackson county school since he was 13 and on May 8 he was punched in the face and stomach, resulting in being treated for a laceration on his face that required four stitches.
Police are investigating the incident according to the Township Police Chief Mike Curry. He said he was uncertain where the incident investigation stood.
Gallentine told the Citizen Patriot his 14-year-old attacker did it because he was gay.
“Everybody knows he did it because I am gay,” Gallentine said.
His attacker’s mother however denies this in an interview with the Citizen Patriot.
“It was just a stupid fight between two boys,” she said.
The school has told the Citizen Patriot the accused attacker has been severely punished for the attack, but declined to elaborate.
Lorraine Hampton, president of PFLAG Jackson said representatives from PFLAG, and several parents concerned about the safety of their LBGT students met with district officials last week.
“We believe that top level administration is interested in moving forward and preventing future events of bullying,” Hampton said. She did not elaborate on what actions the district might take.

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