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It (Democratic Candidate Gov. Richardson’s use of the word “maricon”) was a lapse in judgment by Richardson. He apologized now and last year after it occurred. I think he was set up by Imus, but he shouldn’t have gone down that path.
In the end, I judge candidates on their records. In Congress, Richardson voted against the Pentagon’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and will reverse it when President. In New Mexico, a state evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, Richardson expanded anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity, provided state health insurance for domestic partnerships, signed into law the state’s first hate crimes legislation for crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and transformed health services in the state for AIDS patients. And if a few state senators hadn’t blocked it, the state would have a Domestic Partner Rights Act. Richardson fought hard for the legislation. Have any of the other Presidential candidates called on their state legislatures and governors to enact Domestic Partners statutes?
Recently, the Bay Area Reporter profiled Richardson, noting BAR publisher Thomas E. Horn was born and raised in New Mexico and whose family has been involved in the state’s politics. “I really think he is the most qualified Democrat in the race for president,” Horn wrote in an e-mail. “His track record is exceptional. He’s done a fine job as governor … and was re-elected with around 70 percent of the vote.”
Horn, who said he expects to make an endorsement in the primary but has yet to back a candidate, said winning the southwest will be key to the Democrats taking back the White House. Not only does he see Richardson having an advantage in the West, but Horn also praised his gay rights track record.
“If a Democrat carries New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, we don’t need Ohio or Florida to win. Richardson is very popular throughout the southwest and stands the best chance of being able to do that,” wrote Horn.
His record on LGBT issues has always been stellar. Richardson has also been the only candidate that I’m aware of who has criticized Bush on his threat to veto Washington, DC appropriations bill because of the domestic partner registry. The point is Richardson in his personal life is comfortable and welcoming of gays and does not practice discrimination.

Stephen Cassidy
SF, Bay Area
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