Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance needs help

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Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance needs everyones help to protect and preserve the former-Denison land. Visit our website and join our efforts to save this glorious beach before its lost forever.
Rick Vorel
Pier Cove, via email, Aug. 2

The story is a little misleading. (ÒMichigan Supreme Court tells religious bigots they have no standing to sue A2 schools over Domestic Partner program,Ó BTL Aug 2, 1531). The case of the DP program offered by the Ann Arbor School District began in September 2003, i.e., a year before the 2004 anti-marriage amendment was passed. This case turned on the authority of local governments (in this case a school board) to offer benefits to unmarried partners. A marriage argument was being made by the plaintiffs even before the amendment passed. However, the article rightly notes that the issue here was the standing of the plaintiffs to even bring the suit.
Charles Gossett
San Dimas, CA, via email, Aug 2

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