Windsor murder suspect found, questions unanswered

Chris Azzopardi
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WINDSOR, Ont. – Even after Jesse Imeson, the suspect in three Windsor murders, was found last week, questions still linger.
Before his arrest on July 31, Imeson, 22, was last scene conversing with the staff at The Tap, including bartender and D.J. Carlos Rivera, 25, on July 17. Eddie An, the owner of the gay bar, said the fugitive was serious about getting a job as a stripper.
“He was charming, smiling, hugging people,” An said, “but of course he wasn’t working yet ’cause he didn’t have the documents – the IDs with him – so I couldn’t process it.”
As he schmoozed with The Tap’s clientele – and tried picking a few of them up, as customers told An days later – he left with Rivera, who went home with Imeson after he closed down the bar at around 2 a.m. on July 18. He and Imeson were last seen at 6 a.m. in Rivera’s Honda Civic with Imeson driving.
The next day, Rivera was found strangled to death in Imeson’s rented room in Windsor.
“I couldn’t believe it,” An said. “I could never have thought somebody this close to me would end up like that. It (doesn’t happen) in Windsor. Windsor is such a small town and everybody is so friendly and people all trust each other.”
On July 23, the bodies of William Regier, 72, and his wife Helene, 73, were found shot to death in their Stephen Township, Ontario, farmhouse. Their murders make An believe that Rivera’s murder wasn’t a hate crime, but Imeson’s motive still remains a mystery.
Was Imeson, who recently relapsed after graduating from a 40-day drug rehab, looking for drug money? Was he sexually confused?
“It’s hard to say (if he was gay),” An said. “I was just thinking he’s coming here just for the job, and just for the money.”
Nick Cesljar, who took Imeson to The Tap that night, told The Windsor Star Imeson thought he could rake in some money dancing at The Tap.
“I tried to advise him against doing that,” Cesljar told The Windsor Star. “He was just looking at the money, I guess. He got the idea he can get more money dancing for guys rather than dancing for girls because, guys being perverts, they’ll pay more. That’s how it began.”
A former friend from Detroit who attended a middle school in Leamington, Ontario, with Imeson, and wishes to remain anonymous, recalls Imeson’s troubled past. Imeson’s father committed suicide before his mother put him into foster care at age 10, according to The London Free Press.
“He was an asshole to me and mostly everybody,” he said. “I’m very happy he has been caught. And I hope justice will be served for Carlos and for the Regier family.”
After a two-week manhunt, Imeson was found with the help of tips from the public, police said, in a dense area of bush in Portage-du-Fort, Quebec. At The Tap, An passed around a round of shots as patrons cheered.
“In the past two weeks we were kind of really on the edge,” An said, recalling rumors of Imeson being in Windsor, which prompted him to close the bar twice. “It was a sigh of relief.”

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