Are you there President Bush? It’s me Jasmyne.

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by Jasmyne A. Cannick


Dear President Bush,

Hey there Mr. President, it’s me Jasmyne. I know you’re busy running the country – into the ground (just kidding), but I need to let you know something.
I just came back from Washington D.C.. Yeah, your neck of the woods. In fact, I passed by your house. Love what you’ve done to the place. But anyway, while I was there the taxi cab driver’s were on strike. I know that doesn’t really affect you with your private motorcade, helicopter, and plane, but for us little folks, well it made life miserable.

I’m writing you today not for myself, but on behalf of the millions of seniors that are still forced to work long into their golden years.
You see I almost died last week in Washington. How you ask? Well, I had to catch a cab, and that in itself was a feat considering they were on strike. Well, I finally found a cab and jumped in only to find an 87 year-old nearly blind and deaf man driving it. Did I mention to you that it was rush hour? Not only did we get lost, but we had a little accident wherein the driver broke down exclaiming “I’m 87, I’m 87!”

I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I wanted to let you know that we have got to fix Social Security and provide better for our seniors. I just can’t believe at 87 this man has to work to make sure that he eats and has a roof over his head. He should be chillin’ at the crib, if you know what I mean. Well, just in case you don’t, I said he should be enjoying his golden years at home, not behind the wheel of a vehicle where he endangers not only his life, but those of his passengers and anyone driving in the near vicinity. To be honest, I am not sure why he still has a valid driver’s license at 87, but that’ another question for another time.

When you and Laura retire, which will be soon, thank God (just kidding), you won’t have to work for the rest of your lives. We’re not all that lucky.
I often joke that I will have to work into my 90s, dig the grave, fall in it, and pay someone in advance to cover it up for me. Maybe I should stop laughing and start digging.

I am equally concerned about my generation and what’s going to be available to us when we reach our retirement years, I’m 30 by the way in case you were wondering. But right now, I am more concerned for my grandparent’s generation who sacrificed and gave a lot for this country and are struggling everyday just to make ends meet, some even resorting to driving taxi cabs.

So, that’s it. I didn’t want to take up much of your time. Just something for you to think about while you’re out golfing today (just kidding). I know you’re working hard, or is it hardly working? Well, never mind, I just need you and your colleagues in the Congress and Senate to get it together for the sake of those who are working long past their retirement age and for those of us who want to make it to our retirement age, like me.

Give my best to Laura and Condi.

Jasmyne Cannick

P.S. I really was just kidding, really.

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