Doublemint lesbians do Detroit hall

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Something’s to be said of identical DNA. Twin lesbians Tegan and Sara Quin’s back-and-forth banter – paired with some electrifying musical moments – devoured the attention of a sexually-diverse plethora on Nov. 28 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. But when the tattooed Canadians, known simply by their first names, spieled about Sara’s Supremes-listening spree and her getaway trip to, uh, New Orleans (why not some place like Hawaii she wondered), their in-between-song tangents during the stellar hour-and-a-half show humanized them so much that they’ll soon be accepting a whole lotta MySpace friend requests. This was a concert, though, so it also didn’t hurt that both are consummate musicians, drawing the set-list’s bulk from their more mature-oozing latest, “The Con,” and delving into past poppier nuggets, like those from “So Jealous.” Boasted by a three-piece band, Tegan’s achy rasp ran through roaring “Nineteen,” while Sara’s girly-girl chops mastered more-mellow crowd-pleaser “Where Does the Good Go?,” both offering harmonies to the other’s meek musical moment. Thing is: With fans shouting out requests (Sara explained they’d never leave the venue if they performed their entire song catalog) and woohooing during Sara’s anecdotes, the music wasn’t all that was moody. Sara was – to a half-serious degree. Until Tegan, like any embarrassed sibling, told her: Chill; they’re just excited. She wasn’t kidding.

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