Q Puzzle: “Queer Kid TV

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1 Play about a gay bathhouse, with “The”
5 Toon Le Pew
9 Tennis champ Billie ___ King
13 “East of Eden” director Kazan
14 Treated as a sexual object
15 With 21-Across, TV show with Justin
16 With 36-Across, TV show with Andrew
18 Help re-elect Tammy Baldwin, e.g.
19 Beach’s partner Monnier
21 See 15-Across
24 Nero’s tutor
28 What squirrels do with their nuts for the winter
32 What one does to one’s loins
33 Gay rodeo affirmative
34 Lemon that isn’t a fruit
35 Make heady
36 See 16-Across
40 Broadway stage pieces
42 Top
43 www.stopaids.org, e.g.
46 Foucault’s final word
47 Anemone with pink-tinged flowers
50 Port on the Bay of Bengal
52 TV show with Isabelle
53 Pious ejaculation
57 Words before were
60 With 64-Across, TV show with Billy
64 See 60-Across
65 Give the once-over
66 Part of Liberace’s style
67 Former lovers
68 Greek queen of heaven
69 Mother of “Brothers & Sisters”


1 Color of a Columbus circuit party
2 Island in gay Paree
3 7th notes in “Do-Re-Mi”
4 Revolutionary Emiliano of Kahlo’s country
5 Sound from Sneaky Pie
6 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”
7 Guitarist Townshend
8 Barbara of “I Dream of Jeannie” and others
9 Kind of delinquent, in “Rebel Without a Cause”
10 A porn star may have a big one
11 A. Earhart concern
12 “Men Behaving Badly” writer Simon
17 Maker of some fruit-flavored ice cream
20 Triangular desert
21 Nellie in journalism
22 What 50 million Frenchmen never drink
23 Dangerous kind of Mary
25 Indication of a used rubber
26 Summer hrs. in Saugatuck
27 Org. for bears
29 They get checked at bathhouses
30 Twosomes that fight
31 “The Mystery of ___ Drood”
37 Works on an organ, maybe
38 Like suspects in a Kevin Spacey movie
39 Illegal same-sex vow, in most states
40 Parsons of basketball
41 Abbr. on a Froot Loops box
44 Fisherman’s tool
45 Treasured Garland disks
48 Conflict of “Saving Ryan’s Privates”
49 Stun with noise
51 Sound of three men in a tub
54 Suffix with prefer
55 “Hot L Baltimore” producer
56 Bone below the elbow
57 Heady stuff
58 Measurement, in feet, for Fisher & Sons
59 Porter’s “___ Got You Under You Under My Skin”
61 “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” rock gp.
62 Billy Budd, for one
63 Gay-friendly, to UCC churches

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