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Moving audiences:

By | 2018-01-16T05:00:40-05:00 February 21st, 2008|Entertainment| is now online!Yes, the state’s most comprehensive, up-to-date and easy-to-use resource for professional theater news and information is now available totally free of charge 24-hours a day.
Our goal, plain and simple, is to help move audiences into our local theaters. And we plan to do that by offering a one-stop shop for fresh, exciting and thought-provoking content that can’t be found anywhere else. And to encourage our readers to venture out and sample what our professional theaters have to offer, special incentives will soon be offered through on a weekly basis. If THAT doesn’t help stimulate business, I don’t know what will!
Log on now to and what you’ll discover is a plethora of information: show listings, news stories, reviews, previews, blogs and a variety of special features. But what makes unique is our attempt to offer theatergoers and theater professionals alike the broadest spectrum of thought and opinion possible. So not only will readers find content generated by our OWN top-notch freelance writers and critics, they’ll also encounter links to stories and reviews from other local and national media outlets, as well. And in a rather unique arrangement – the first of many surprises to come – has become the online home for theater reviews originally published in the weekly Detroit Monitor.
Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for our readers to toss THEIR comments into the mix, as well!
Since information must be timely in order to be useful, content will be added to on an almost daily basis. News and previews will come online throughout the week, and our critics will post their reviews within 24-hours after leaving the theater. And our regular features – such as “In My Humble Opinion,” “A Few Minutes With:” and “Whispers in the Wings” will change every Monday morning.
In fact, change will be the norm with, as future phases will add many more interactive – and exciting – functions to the site. Upcoming enhancements include such features as podcasting, video, weekly surveys and more. Plus, additional content will be added to make the most useful entertainment tool possible.
So log on to, take a look around and let us know what you think about it. We’re moving audiences into the theater. Won’t you join us?

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