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Chinese transwoman gets new ID card

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by Rex Wockner

International News

A 33-year-old MTF transsexual has become China’s first post-op transsexual to go public about obtaining a new state identity card listing her new gender.
Ying Ning, 33, of Tianjin told the local Daily News that the document “has special meaning for me, that I have been accepted by society. It will be the beginning of my new life.”
Ying said she had recently canceled a vacation for fear that airport security would make trouble over the fact that her appearance and ID-card sex didn’t match.
The new card was issued by local police after Ying presented proof of the sex-change operation and permission from her parents for the ID change, which reportedly is required even for adults.
About 1,000 Chinese are thought to have undergone sex-change operations, but no one else has gone public about it, the Daily News said.

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