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QPuzzle ths week

By |2018-01-16T15:03:15-05:00May 22nd, 2008|Uncategorized|
Q Puzzle

1 Croupier’s tool
5 Swallow alternative
9 Gay city
14 What comes to mind
15 Scat queen
16 Family name of Boy George
17 “Candid Camera” creator
18 Tin Woodman’s concern
19 Gomer’s breads
20 Vehicle from Uranus, facetiously
23 Edmonia Lewis work
24 Whoopi and others, in “The Lion King”
28 Brown known for colorful characters
32 Prez who shared a bed with Joshua Speed
33 Lover of Henry and June
37 Mine, to Verlaine
38 “How queer!”
39 Receptacle at Metropolitan Community Church
42 Sound of getting your chimes rung?
43 Nazi Rudolph
44 Artist Hernandez
45 Club where you can dance with a sailor
46 Tip of what a missile launcher may shoot off
48 Paige and Cameron
50 Sci-fi robots
55 Trophy Martina won 20 times
59 Cold shower
62 Land of Emma Donoghue
63 Date, with “out”
64 Tight circle
65 On ___ (equipotent)
66 Serious sign
67 Transvestite boast?
68 “Lady Sings the Blues” star
69 Pain in the ass


1 Guitar motifs from Etheridge
2 Video category for porn
3 Nairobi’s land
4 Master’s demand for oral sex
5 Ballets Russes founder Diaghilev
6 Sign of calculating to get sum
7 Ingrid’s role in “Casablanca”
8 Russian singing duo
9 Cartoon seaman
10 Get down on your knees in front of
11 Leibman of “Angels in America”
12 Mary’s little lamb, perhaps
13 Some staffers at “The Advocate” (abbr.)
21 Service a Dairy Queen?
22 Word after daisy
25 Pester, as Albert to Armand
26 Go down
27 Passover ceremony at Beth Simchat Torah
29 Homer in slang, in Glenn Burke’s sport
30 They come in buggies
31 Horny lodge member?
33 Org. for endng AIDS
34 It may slip over one’s head
35 Mete out
36 Not in the pink
38 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
40 Large split
41 Reinaldo Arenas’ Peter
46 Emulates James Baldwin
47 Some phallic slitherers
49 Jugs
51 Like an active partner
52 Start of Caesar’s boast
53 They come under kings
54 Ready for bed
56 Hairy Wall Street pessimist?
57 Suction head
58 The Gay ’90s, and more
59 Bio. or chem.
60 Erika Lopez’s ” ___ Dance for Mommy”
61 Childcare writer LeShan

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