Bounty Killer banned from Guyana

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by Rex Wockner

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Authorities in the South American nation of Guyana have banned Jamaican singer Bounty Killer from performing there because his lyrics promote violence, including against gay people.
The singer has experienced protests and concert cancellations in Europe for the same reasons.
His lyrics include: “Bun a fire pon a kuh pon mister fagoty … Poop man fi drown a dat a yawd man philosophy … You know we need no promo to rub out dem homo … Mi ready fi go wipe out this fag wid pure laser beam.”
In April, iTunes deleted tracks by fellow Jamaican dancehall singers Buju Banton, Elephant Man and T.O.K. from its North American service because their songs promote violence toward, or murder of, gays.
Banton’s 1992 hit “Boom Bye Bye,” for example, advocates shooting gay men, dumping acid on them and setting them alight.
Its lyrics include: “Boom bye bye / Inna batty bwoy head / Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man / Dem haffi dead / … Send fi di matic an / Di Uzi instead / Shoot dem no come if we shot dem / … Guy come near we / Then his skin must peel / Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel.”

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