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“Absence of Sydney”

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{HEADAER Q Puzzle}


1 Stereotypical gay speech attribute
5 Izzard of stand-up and more
10 Thespian
15 Suffix with prefer
16 “___ we a pair?”
17 Dinah of a golf classic
18 Queens stadium name
19 “After Delores” author Schulman
20 Virginia Stephen’s married name
21 Streisand film directed by 43-Down
24 Photographer Corinne
25 Veronica of “Hill Street Blues”
26 Salmon that has spawned
27 Peter the Great, for one
28 Olympian who makes points by touching the body
31 Noble in government
33 Targets for McCarthy and Cohn
34 Small bush
38 Like chubby chasers’ targets
39 Title character in 2000 movie produced by 43-Down
41 Up on
45 Remove the top from
46 Manhandle, with “with”
50 Turn on
52 Where the Pied Piper blew it
54 Leave a trail behind a boa?
55 Cover for Adam’s privates
59 Cara of “Fame”
60 Tammy Faye’s old club
61 43-Down played a gay guy’s dad in this TV show
64 It goes on a queen’s head
66 Like the subject of “Gay and Gray”
67 Lesbian character in “No Exit”
68 Come to mind
69 Bone to pick
70 Went lickety-split
71 David Sedaris book
72 Rear follower
73 Quite, to Colette


1 Type of bar or daddy
2 Like a muscle Mary
3 Connived like Scar in “The Lion King”
4 Herman and namesakes
5 Stephen McCauley’s “The ___ Way Out”
6 Pull out your shooter
7 Patrick’s role on “Grey’s Anatomy”
8 Like someone blown away
9 Lucy’s gal pal
10 R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World ___ Know It”
11 Margaret of “All-American Girl”
12 Film about a cross-dresser directed by 43-Down
13 What Joan of Arc was maid of
14 One who whistles at Sheryl Swoopes
22 Hillary’s Wellesley classmate MacGraw
23 Map 69, perhaps (abbr.)
27 ’50s idol Hunter
29 Abbr. of old in Tatu’s land
30 See-___ (like sexy clothes, for short)
32 Myrna of “The Thin Man”
35 Dog’s head?
36 Merchandise ID
37 Vanilla
39 Gay guys, briefly
40 Emissions-watching org.
41 Screenwriter Christopher
42 Madonna album
43 Sydney of this puzzle’s theme
44 Boy king that goes either way
46 Songwriter Stephin
47 She loved Franklin and Lorena
48 Straight
49 Sudden body fluid emissions
51 Giant ball-handler Manning
53 “Top Gun” target
56 Run off to California, perhaps
57 “Sphincter” author Ginsberg
58 Changed from red to pink
61 Beaver Cleaver’s Dad
62 Campbell of “The Company”
63 Lincoln-Douglas debates subject Scott
65 Golden Girl McClanahan

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