Robertson just one of many intolerant religious zealots

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Thanks for the article on The Annointed One Pat Robertson. He’s a Christofascist for sure – a Reconstructionist who won’t quite go so far to admit it, but one who would dearly love to see us all have a one-world Christian theocracy. However, I have to tell you, the one who really scares me is Rod Parsley, he of the America-was-created-to-destroy-Islam ideology. His teenage clan, Battle Cry was here is San Francisco last fall and when they started praying in front of City Hall, the mayor came out and told them they would not be welcome next year. They could not understand that the only thing San Francisco will not tolerate is intolerance itself.Again, thanks for the article. If you want to read some ideas culled from a century (mine) of Pride Parades, you’re welcome to read them at The Devil and Dan Vojir blog.

Dan Vojir
San Francisco, Calif.

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