Being gay is more than partying, parades

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I want to say that I totally understand and agree with John Garrison’s letter (“Not a bunch of freaks,” June 19, Issue 1625) of how he feels pride is an embarrassment. Now, as a black, out lesbian for over 18 years, I am not saying that gay people should not be out or proud, but I feel just becasue I’m gay, do I need a parade for that or a weekend of partying or drinking just to feel pride or show the world I’m gay? I am a 32-year-old single gay parent every day of my life. I dont need a sticker on my car or a T-shirt to prove that to anyone. I work, pay taxes and live like everybody else and no, gay marriage is not the first and foremost thing in my mind everyday just because I am gay. I have everyday worries to think about. We as gays say we want society to accept us as everyday, regular, normal people, so why do we feel like we need a parade or circuit parties to do that?
I’m not trying to offend anyone, but as an out lesbian, I dont need a gay pride day to be proud of myself. There is more to me than just being gay and that’s the point.

Toria McGarrah

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