Religious cop sues employer over pink ribbon

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by Rex Wockner

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A policeman in the English county of Norfolk who resisted an official recommendation that he wear a pink ribbon on his uniform for Gay History Month has taken the Norfolk Police before an employment court, The Sunday Telegraph reported July 20.
Graham Cogman, 49, said homosexuality violates his Christian beliefs.
When Cogman responded to the recommendation by sending an e-mail to fellow officers quoting the Bible, he was disciplined and fined 13 days’ pay.
The Norfolk Police force is standing by its policy. A spokesman told the Telegraph that Cogman’s behavior “fell well below the standard which we expect.”
“The force will not tolerate any form of homophobic behavior,” the spokesman said.
Cogman’s case follows that of marriage registrar Lillian Ladele in the London borough of Islington. After Ladele, a Christian, refused to perform same-sex civil partnerships, she claimed she was harassed and discriminated against by the borough government.
The Central London Employment Tribunal agreed with her July 10, saying Islington Council violated “Miss Ladele’s dignity and created an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.”
An award of damages is pending.
The United Kingdom’s civil-partnership law grants all the rights and obligations of marriage, but under a different name.

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