Michigan Equality Political Action Committee and Triangle Pride Political Action Committee endorsements

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1st: Timothy Bledsoe (D), Grosse Point (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
2nd: LaMar Lemmons, Jr. (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
3rd: Bettie Cook Scott (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
4th: Coleman Young (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
5th: Bert Johnson (D), Highland Park (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
6th: Brian White (D), Detroit (MEPAC only)
6th: Fred Durhal (PridePAC only)
7th: Lee Gaddies (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
8th: George Cushingberry, Jr. (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
10th: Gabe LeLand (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
11th: Gary Pollard (D), Detroit (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
13th: Bo Schimers (D), Southgate (MEPAC only)
14th: Patrick O’connell (R), Allen Park (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
15th: Gino Polidori, Dearborn (PridePAC only)
16th: Mario Fundarski (R), Dearborn Heights (MEPAC only)
17th: Andy Dillon, Redford (PridePAC only)
19th: Steve King (D), Livonia (MEPAC only)
22nd: Jill Brandana (D), Taylor (MEPAC only)
22nd: Don Lingerfelt, Taylor (PridePAC only)
23rd: Deb Kennedy (D), 19034 Seaton Drive (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
26th: Marie Donigan (D), Royal Oak (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
27th: Ellen Cogen Lipton (D), Huntington Woods (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
28th: Lesia Liss (D), Warren (MEPAC only)
29th: Tim Melton (D), Auburn Hills (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
31st: Fred Miller (D), Mount Clemens (MEPAC only)
32nd: Jennifer Haase (D), Richmond (MEPAC only)
34th: Woodrow Stanely (D), Flint (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
35th: Vincent Gregory (D), Southfield (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
36th: Greg Moore (D), Washington (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
37th: Vicki Barnett (D), Farmington Hills (MEPAC only)
38th: Douglas Curry (R), New Hudson (MEPAC only)
39th: Lisa Brown, West Bloomfield, Commerce (PridePAC only)
40th: Annette Keeble (R), Bloomfield Hills (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
45th: Scott Beaton (R), Rochester (MEPAC only)
45th: Randy Young (D), Rochester (MEPAC only)
45th: Theodore Golden, Rochester Hills (PridePAC only)
46th: John Bingham, Jr., Holly, Lake Orion (PridePAC only)
49th: Lee Gonzales (D), Flint (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
50th: Ted Hammon (D), Burton (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
51st: Michael Thorp (D), Goodrich (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
52nd: Pam Byrnes (D), Chelsea (MEPAC only)
53rd: Rebekah Warren (D), Ann Arbor (MEPAC only)
54th: Alma Wheeler Smith (D), South Lyon (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
59th: Carol Higgins (D), Mendon (MEPAC only)
60th: Robert Jones, Kalamazoo (PridePAC only)
61st: Julie Rogers (D), Kalamazoo (MEPAC only)
63rd: Phyllis Smith (D), Vicksburg (MEPAC only)
67th: Barb Byrum (D), Lansing (MEPAC only)
68th: Joan Bauer (D), Lansing (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
69th: Mark Meadows (D), East Lansing (MEPAC only)
71st: Mark Eagle (D), Lansing (MEPAC only)
78th: Judy Truesdall (D), Niles (MEPAC only)
82nd: Jason Blauet (D), Metamora (MEPAC only)
82nd: Bernard Jocuns, Jr. (D), North Branch (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
82nd: Bill Marquardt (D), Lapeer (MEPAC only)
89th: Timothy Winslow (D), Spring Lake (MEPAC only)
95th: Andy Coulouris (D), Saginaw (MEPAC only)
98th: Garnet Lewis (D), Freeland (MEPAC and PridePAC both)
99th: Nancy White (D), Mt. Pleasant (MEPAC only)
100th: Bill Richards (D), Paris (no endorsement)
101st: Dan Scripps (D), Northport (no endorsement)
102nd: Nate Heffron (D), Cadillac (no endorsement)
105th: Connie Saltonstall (D), Charlevoix (no endorsement)
106th: Everett Swift (R), Hillman (no endorsement)
108th: Janis Burgess (D), Menominee (no endorsement)

For more information on these endorsements, please call Derek Smiertka, executive director of Michigan Equality Political Action Committee at 248-321-1887, or e-mail him at dsmiertka@michiganequality.org.

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