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Q Puzzle: Jewelry Store

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1 Costume item for “Angels in America”
6 Lincoln-Douglas debates subject Scott
10 Singer Williamson
14 Moon of Uranus
15 Island of Barrie’s land
16 You may feel it at a gay bar
17 Funds for Nick Malgieri’s supplies?
20 Two pairs for Adrienne Monnier
21 Worked under Barney Frank
22 Name on a drag queen’s compact
23 English actress Diana
24 U-turn from WSW
25 Cricket of Disney fame
28 Fannie Flagg had some fried green ones
33 Boy who shoots off arrows
34 Triage team member
35 Glenn Burke stat
36 Look at Michael Stipes?
40 Hot time for Colette
41 First indications of orientation
42 Gay cable network
43 Cole Porter song
45 “Desert ___ ”
47 Sex, crudely
48 Balkan native
49 Greeting for Dolly
52 One you go down on
54 Summer hrs. at Key West
57 Expert fryer at Hamburger Mary’s?
60 Daughters of Bilitis co-founder Phyllis
61 Chimney channel
62 Trunk in an “Athletic Model Guild” photo
63 Provides personnel
64 Umlaut parts, in Rilke’s language
65 Had oral sex at home?

1 It may be hard or soft
2 Club for Sheehan
3 Zips
4 Come together
5 Don, as a nightie
6 Actor Taye of “Rent”
7 Hitchcock thriller based on Leopold and Loeb
8 Feminist poet Dame
9 Advice columnist Savage
10 Many are out of it
11 Smallest member
12 Voyeur’s confession?
13 It makes watching porn harder
18 Suffix for “bi”?
19 One getting ready to shoot off a gun, e.g.
23 Junior Vasquez is this kind of jockey
24 Former “Vibe” editor Wilbekin
25 It may be mounted
26 Like an ACT UP protester
27 Choral work at Metropolitan Community Church
28 “God loves everybody,” to Jane Spahr
29 Stats on a stallion
30 Do this with the International Male catalog
31 Film critic Roger
32 Successfully donates sperm?
34 Threesome who went to see Mary
37 “Giant” Rock
38 The Brewer twins, for short
39 Moby Dick chaser
44 Hangouts for Natalie Barney
45 Author Scott
46 Periodical boners
48 Wise guys
49 Celeste of “All About Eve”
50 Singer on “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack
51 Heart donor for King Richard?
52 Hole entered by a Minuteman
53 Oddly shaped testicle?
54 Verb of Verlaine
55 Ball lover
56 Disney sci-fi flick
58 Gomer’s mail service
59 Karen Walker, perhaps

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