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Going nuts over sports at The Second City

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Sports – and in particular, Detroit’s sports teams – get some good-natured ribbing this month, thanks to the fine improvisers at The Second City. And even the most diehard fan will laugh often and hard at “Second City’s Got Balls: An Evening of Sports Comedy.” (It sure beats crying over a disappointing season at Comerica Park and the Detroit Lions’ sad season opener against the Atlanta Falcons!)
Pretty much every popular sport and local sports team get shredded at some point during the show, as do the people who love them. While some are laugh-out-loud hilarious, a few are bittersweet, such as an early skit about a nerdy son (Kevin McGeehan) who looks to connect with his baseball-loving dad (Mike McGettigan) while at the ballpark.
Later, McGettigan and Marke Sobolewski are spot-on as a couple of Nascar-loving bubbas discussing the complexities of the Iraq war.
But in an unusual twist, two of the best scenes are solo efforts.
Jaime Moyer is perfect as Coach Pam, trying to encourage America to get into shape.
It’s Adam Peacock who steals the show, however, as the frustrated coach of eight-year-old basketball players. But be forewarned: This and other segments are NOT for the politically correct!
Not every scene is a gem, of course. One, in which a minor leaguer is called up to pitch his first game for the Detroit Tigers, is too long. (However, if improv work dries up for McGeehan, he has a great potential as a play-by-play announcer or color commentator.) Another, the funeral of a professional wrestler, has been recycled several times recently and has lost its punch.
Yet oddly enough, the quickest scene is also one of the most memorable – and there’s not a single improviser in it. But what the hay. Or is that hey?

‘Second City’s Got Balls: An Evening of Sports Comedy’
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