Creep of the Week: Chuck Colson

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George W. Bush handed out Presidential Citizen Medals on Dec. 10, laying one on none other than Chuck Colson.
“For more than three decades, Chuck Colson has dedicated his life to sharing the message of God’s boundless love and mercy with prisoners, former prisoners and their families,” the White House gushed. “Through his strong faith and leadership, he has helped courageous men and women from around the world make successful transitions back into society. The United States honors Chuck Colson for his good heart and his compassionate efforts to renew a spirit of purpose in the lives of countless individuals.”
It may seem strange that a right-winger would advocate rehabilitation for prisoners. After all, the right-wing party line is for stiffer penalties and longer sentences, especially for black people. Of course, that changes once a right-winger has been in prison himself. Colson has. Former counsel to President Richard Nixon, Colson spent seven months in the slammer after pleading guilty to charges related to Watergate.
Well, good for him, reaching out to prisoners and all, even if he also pushes for privatizing prisons and handing over social service responsibilities to faith-based groups. Because let’s face it: government can’t do anything right and for-profit prisons are good for society. The more people they throw behind bars, the more money they make!
But hey, lest someone still question his right-wing credibility, don’t worry. He does not extend the same warm-fuzzy feelings he has for prisoners to gays and lesbians.
No, sir. This is the man featured in a Prop. 8 propaganda video put together by the American Family Association.
“Look, this vote on whether we stop the gay marriage juggernaut in California is the Armageddon. We lose this we’re going to lose in a lot of other ways including freedom of religion,” Colson declares in the video.
This is also the man who warned Christianity Today readers in a 2004 essay that by not passing the Federal Marriage Amendment, the United States was basically egging on terrorists.
“Radical Islamists were surely watching in July when the Senate voted on procedural grounds to do away with the Federal Marriage Amendment. This is like handing moral weapons of mass destruction to those who use America’s decadence to recruit more snipers and hijackers and suicide bombers,” he wrote.
He also equated the Abu Ghraib abuse photos with images of gay couples marrying.
“One vital goal of the war in Iraq, and the war against terrorism, is to bring democracy to the heart of the Islamic world,” he wrote. “But when radical Islamists see American women abusing Muslim men, as they did in the Abu Ghraib prison, and when they see news coverage of same-sex couples being ‘married’ in U.S. towns, we make our kind of freedom abhorrent – the kind they see as a blot on Allah’s creation.”
After all, if gays and lesbians can get married, the terrorists have won.
“Preserving traditional marriage in order to protect children is a crucially important goal by itself,” he wrote. “But it’s also about protecting the United States from those who would use our depravity to destroy us.”
Hey, somebody give this guy a medal…

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