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by Jessica Carreras

Christine Voss has magic hands. Not only do they help the aching muscles of the Royal Oak residents where she works and resides, but they also regularly help out with Affirmations events. During the work week, 27-year-old Voss works as a massage therapist at her own business, With My Own Two Hands Massage Therapy. But for the past three years, she has helped to plan the Big Bash as well, and this year, she served as co-chair for the event.

1) How did you get involved with massage therapy?
My girlfriend, who is also a massage therapist, has been a true inspiration. I had always thought massage was a luxury for the few but she opened my eyes and helped me see (and of course experience) all the benefits of massage. She encouraged me to go to Irene’s to become a Massage Therapist and that was the beginning of my very rewarding journey.

2) You volunteer for Affirmations on a regular basis. What do you do for them?
I’ve been volunteering with Affirmations since they moved into their new building. Some of the work I do has been around the center but for the past three years I have also helped Affirmations plan their largest fundraiser, The Big Bash. This year was my first year as co-chair for this event and I have to say that I am ecstatic with all the help we received from the community. Bash 2009 was a huge success and I personally thank everyone that helped make that possible. Carrie Copeland is a phenomenal event planner and I am very proud to work alongside her and look forward to Bash 2010.

3) Why is it important to you to be involved with the LGBT community in more ways than just having a business that’s within the community and LGBT-friendly?
Being involved in the community helps you realize you are not alone. When I came out to my parents they were not exactly accepting. Actually, it was quite the opposite; they refused to acknowledge my girlfriend for an entire year. During this very difficult time we reached out to people we had met through activities at Affirmations and other community events. Hanging out with other people “like us” helped my girlfriend and I stay strong (and together) through this challenging time.

4) What role do LGBT business owners play in helping us to advance toward equality?
It is wrong for any person, company or organization to discriminate toward another human being. It is our responsibility, as business owners and people, to make everyone feel welcome, cared for and appreciated. Unfortunately, there are far too many people in the world that continue to treat others unfairly. In this day in age we need to lead by example. Each and every person in this world is important and deserves the utmost respect.

5) Why is massage an important part of staying healthy?
Imagine lying on the table away from phones and e-mail focusing on nothing but you! In this stressful world, you’re finally giving your body the relaxation and relief it needs. Those knots in your shoulders that have been bugging you or those headaches that just won’t go away are finally being addressed. Regular massages help you maintain the stress and reduce the risk of getting sick as it stimulates lymph flow (the body’s natural defense system). I specialize in a technique called CranioSacral Therapy and for those of you that have been suffering from migraines and chronic pain, I urge you to try CST. With this technique we have been able to control and in some cases help the body eliminate the pain all together.

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