Appointed Icelandic lesbian prime minister now elected

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by Rex Wockner

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Iceland’s lesbian prime minister, Johanna Sigurardottir, who was appointed to the job Feb. 1 after the government fell when the nation’s banks collapsed, was elected to continue serving on April 27.
“Our time has come!” said Sigurardottir, 66, a Social Democrat who now leads a left-wing majority coalition with the Left-Green party.
Sigurardottir is the world’s first openly gay or lesbian head of a national government, though openly gay Per-Kristian Foss very briefly served as Norway’s acting prime minister in 2002 when more senior ministers were out of the country.
In the 1960s, Sigurardottir was a flight attendant for what is now Icelandair. She has been in a registered partnership with writer Jonina Leosdottir since 2002.
Iceland has a population of 304,367, making it smaller than the least-populous U.S. state, Wyoming, which has a population of 532,668.

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